Would you call the author of this article a statist, a socialist or a fascist?

Would you call the author of this article a statist, a socialist or a fascist?

Read the article pasted below, from a business publication, and tell me whether you'-d say this person is a statist, a socialist or a fascist."-A careful review of marketplace trends and recent events strongly suggests there is palatable and noticeable erosion in the centraltenets that have long comprised the social contract between government and business. An equation for a new social contract thatbinds the public and private sectors is emerging and is here to stay in one form or another. I believe this new trend has profoundimplications for corporate America.It has been customary and understood that in return for jobs and employee benefits such as health care, the government wouldtake a laissez-fare or hands-off approach to managing the economy, implementing pro-business monetary, tax and regulatorypolicies. Countless polls over the years have demonstrated a strong pro-business, antigovernment sentiment among the publicbecause people were happy to have jobs and viewed “corporate responsibility” as limited to employment and associated benefits.The contract has weakened as conditions have changed. American’s confidence in banks fell to record lows because of thefinancial crisis. Problems on Wall Street led to problems on Main Street as unemployment soared and businesses have since beenslow to rehire. What makes matters more complicated is that along with declining trust in business has been increased publicapproval of federal power to take populist action. The government’s responses to the Wall Street crisis, the auto industry andHurricane Sandy have been viewed favorably, and voters elected a president for a second term who promised an activistgovernment in health care and job creation, previously the purview of the private sector. Additionally, along with a progressivetax and entitlement policy is promised tighter regulations and fewer tax credits. These changes tell me a new social contract is emerging in the U.S. between the public and private sectors, which I refer to asThe New Corporatism, a term borrowed from Europe. It speaks to a method of governance in which corporate groups such asagriculture, business, ethnic, labor, military, patronage or other affiliations all work cooperatively with government for thecommon interests of society. Deprived of its traditional role as the primary creator of jobs and provider of health insurance, U.S.businesses must now adapt to new roles and responsibilities to protect their interests and build sustainable corporate reputations.Their agenda should include:• Working corroboratively as partners with local, state and national governmental bodies, nongovernmental organizations andadvocacy groups to promote positive social change.• Participate in boards, commissions and fact-finding commissions to promote the public good.• Rebuild consumer trust through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that engage communities and provide local benefits.This last point about CSR is critical. The days are gone when companies can simply hire an ad agency to project a softer image.Consumers want earned trust, “provable” information about their business dealings — both good and bad — and how theiractivities have made a difference to local communities and reflect core values. Smart CSR platforms are both needed and wanted.What’s most important to note is that voting and demographic trends suggest this country is entering an era of sustainedprogressive agendas. Businesses must adapt accordingly."-


Statist is the closest match. He advocates a close collaboration between the state and business interests.If she/he had advocated combining both labor and owners into decision-making bodies within the various sectors of the economy....then it would be a closer fit to fascist.



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