Would my auto insurance increase if i get a 2012 car compared to a 2011?

Would my auto insurance increase if i get a 2012 car compared to a 2011?

hi there, lets say i get a 2012 mazda 3 would my insurance premium be more expensive than a 2011 model? would there be a slight difference or no difference at all since it is only a year difference? please answer i need to know this.thank you


If you're comparing the exact same model just two different model years, generally the newer model would be more expensive to insure than the older model, however assuming no major changes have been made from one year to another the increase wouldn't be very large. Your best bet is to contact a local insurance broker and ask them to compare the two vehicles, this way you'll know for sure.


Yes, but not necessarily because of the year, but because of the worth of the car.The more expensive a car is and the more money you owe on it, the higher the insurance.



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