Worked for company 4 ? years as part time employee, I am third key holder of the store and work 32 hours a week, 4 hrs holiday pay, no more than 32 hours per week no benefits. I have held my position of 3rd key roughly around 3 years in hopes of moving up in the company because that’s what I was told. I have applied within the company on 2 separate ocasastions, and was passed over for both. The second time was at the own store I work in for the Ast. Manager position. I was told by management that I was bound by law if I met all requirements (did) to be given an interview, I never received that interview and another Ast. Manager from another store 30 min away got the job with out even applying. One day a few months ago I confronted my district on the issue of why I feel I was not being treated fair within the company, I was told by my HR that because I am a white male I am not protected by EEOC, only people of “color” and females are there fore don’t have to be treated equal. I also am the same employee that wrote a very strong demening letter to the CEO and my district over an incident on 4-16-2011 when a tornado touched down on the store and myself, they never asked to see if I was alright of offer to fix my car that was damaged until I wrote a letter to them contacting them first aproximity 1 month after the tornado, even the CEO wrote me a personal check for 1,000 even though I hadn’t asked for any money other than fixing my car window that was destroyed. Now after I saw how all this was handled with the tornado situation, I started asking questions to why I am not being treated fair, and having to work on holidays from open to close by myself but only make 4 hour holiday pay while the Manager and Ast. Make 8 hours and not even there to work the store, wanting to know why am I the only employee that works about 80% of the time spent there by myself but only get paid as a “part time” employee. So after feeling like I have had enough and this company has no intention of ever making me full time or moving me up in general , I decided to hand my key back and told them to doc the .50 cent an hour more (15 whole dollars more a week) and told them my reason was this is to much. I am now being forced to keep the key and get over it, told to quit, or be fired. CAN ANYTHING BE DONEone more thing, I grossed 18,000 last year at my job…the company says I make an est. 21,900…I asked for why such a difference and can not get a clear answer :/


You're a trouble-making fool, don't know the difference betweenrights and kindnesses and I'd fire you on the spot.


I think you need to put up with your current situation while you look for another job. Actually males can sue for gender discrimination, and I don't think the company was obligated for any damage done to your car by the storm.However, it is obvious that you are very unhappy and quite angry, so I think that now is a good time to look for a better job elsewhere.


You CAN sue for anything. Whether you are successful in a lawsuit is another story. From what you have stated here, it does not sound as if you have a successful (or even promising) case, or that an attorney would be willing to take it.You may not have received an interview for the assistant manager position because another employee, from another store wanted/needed a lateral transfer, where they transferred into the exact same position, at the exact same salary. The company also may have had a business need to move the employee from one store for another.Your human resources department should not have told you that you could be treated "worse" because you were not a member of a protected class, but that alone is unlikely to be grounds for a lawsuit.Writing "demening" (I will assume you mean demeaning) letters to officials in the company is generally not the way to "win friends and influence people." Perhaps the company should have inquired as to your well-being, but I doubt it was legally required. Why did you expect the company to pay for damage to your vehicle by an act of nature? Isn't that why you have automobile insurance?If you do not like the conditions of your present employment, you are free to seek employment elsewhere. Unless you have an employment contract, or are a member of a union, employment is typically "at will." This means that the employer can set the terms of employment, and if the employee does not like it, the employment relationship can be terminated by either party.



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