Will the other drivers insurance pick up my ambulance, hospital copay?

Will the other drivers insurance pick up my ambulance, hospital copay?

We were in a car accident in NJ and the other person was 100% at fault. Our car was totaled and my pregnant wife was taken to the hospital for observation.Since then, we were compensated for the value of the car, however, are now stuck with medical costs- mostly high% copays that our own insurance company will not pay.How can / should I present these bills to the other insurance company to ensure we don'-t have to put any of our money out for an accident that was clearly not our fault?


Without knowing what state you live in, this cannot be answered. NJ has modified no fault where they type of policy you purchase determines your recovery rights.


call up your insurance company and ask them.. provided that the other party had insurance then they are required to pay..


If your or other insurance company is ready to pick the tab, you should explore the option of contacting the lawyer who specializes in Auto collisions.Most of these lawyers will also advertise on TV or should be listed in Yellow pages.



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