Will my speeding ticket show on a rental car?

Will my speeding ticket show on a rental car?

I am planning to get a Car and wanted to reduce my auto insurance.5 Months back I received a speeding ticket on a rented car. And I was driving with an International license. I will be getting an ontario G2 license soon. Just wanted to know whether I should claim that I had a speeding ticket to the auto insurance company, i.e. will it show on my record cause it was on an international license plus it was a rental car.


it's on your license, not the car, so it will show up


You should show the rental car the actual costs and therepairs . Don't be afraid to tackle this thing you can resolve it.


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Rental agency's don't really look at your license besides just checking to see if it's valid and your face on it.However insurance companies may check but if it was on an international license I highly doubt it will show up on this new Ontario G2 license.Even if you went out of province and got a speeding ticket it doesn't show up on any Ontario license if you hold a Ontario license at time.Best of luck , hope this helpsYou can call the Ministry of transportation , their public main general info 1800 hot line and just ask them general questions no personal info needed and find out exactly for yourself.


sure will show up, they go by your drivers license not by the car



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