Will my health insurance cover the remaining cost after an auto accident?

Will my health insurance cover the remaining cost after an auto accident?

I had a single car auto accident and I was the only party injured. My auto insurance has already paid out and my insurance company sent out a form for me to fill out about the accident. I just wanted to know if that was procedure and if my insurance will pick up any remaining costs associated with my accident? I asked because I have read that sometimes they won'-t pay for car accidents.


No they won't. They will sue your car insurance company


If you have been paid the maximum medical benefit from your auto policy, your health insurance should cover any balance that exceeds your annual deductible and co pays.


It depends on the state you live in, and your health insurance policy.Some states and policies, they won't.I'd suggest you call your health insurance company and ask.


They do not pay for all the remaining cost, just like they do not pay for all the cost of anything.They do pay the amount that they would have paid if it was not a car accident, minus the amount that you can get your car insurance to pay.The reason that they do not always pay for car accidents is that sometimes car insurance pays or another driver pays. If neither of those things can happen, then they will pay something (but not everything, because they never pay everything).



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