Will I get a refund from the auto insurance broker?

Will I get a refund from the auto insurance broker?

25 days ago I signed up with FREEWAY insurance. They hooked me up with All Star General insurance. FREEWAY has charged me a total of $348.00 that has not gone towards the total premium. I know that because I just got a letter from All Star General insurance that my policy will be canceled if i don'-t make a payment soon. I just want to cancel everything now. Will Freeway insurance give me the $348.00 they charged?


You need to report your situation to your state board of insurance. Include all details even minor ones.There seems to be an inordinate amount of complaints about this organization. Either there is a misunderstanding on the price the quoted you your they flat lied to you. They are an insurance broke or agent and place your coverage with with All Star General Insurance Company. It is unlikely you will get any money back. r



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