Will advertisers pull their spots from Limbaugh show?

Will advertisers pull their spots from Limbaugh show?

Is there a campaign to boycott companies that advertise on his show? If enough people complain and stop buying their products Limpballs will watch what he says next time. Why isn'-t he suspended yet?


If any do, they'll just get replaced by other advertisers who will be willing to pay w higher price to advertise on his show.


Libs are only using this Fluke episode as a way to try and silence Rush. It'll never work. His ratings will only go up.


no way. in fact, now that he is being vilified, the expectation is that even more people will listen to him so they can join the complaint wagon. i would think advertisers stay put for now, believing they'll get a larger audience in the short term. sensationalism and blunders play well for increased ratings.


They might as well. I don't listen to that show but I would boycott the advertisers just knowing that they paid to advertise there, even if Boss wasn't such an incredibly inept drug addict.


No, none of the aboveHis ratings are sky high, and you're giving him more free publicity


Some but it will be short lived worse case he goes to sirus an makes millions like Howard Stern


Why? Because he called a s.lut a s.lut?Why would he penalized for telling the truth? Get real.And you can pay for the s.luts birth control if you want to. I dont.He hasnt been suspended because he tells the truth and liberals might hate it but it doesnt make it any less so.Perhaps its your own ideology that you are in conflict with.


I think LordGodGoose (a contributor to this site) made an excellent observation. This will be a windfall for Fluke.As an entertainer, Limbaugh should know where to draw the line. Based on public response, it appears he overstepped it.That said, the rest of the media won't shut up about it. Sometimes even bad publicity is better than none at all.


Why would they? With all the free advertising that the liberals are giving him his ratings will shoot up.


No, Rush makes a great point by being as outlandish as liberals are and then the liberals want to burn "his" house down with him in it.GET A JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!


Six of them pull out and counting


Of course not. They know that his listeners generally have the same hateful attitude he does, so they're not going to tune out.


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Why do you hate free speech? The girl labeled herself, so sorry if you hate the truth


He's providing a useful service, by diverting debate from the serious political issues (like, what are we going to do about jobs, health care, military spending, etc), to issues having to do with personal choice (such as this one, or abortion).


There may be a few weak-kneed advertisers who will put their adverts... at least for awhile until the furor dies down, but Limbaugh is a HUGE draw and advertisers know it. He'll never have any problem replacing what few he might lose.BTW, who is going to "suspend" him? He owns the company.



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