Why is Obama called a socialist or marxist? Which one is it?

Why is Obama called a socialist or marxist? Which one is it?

Obama is a progressive and progress is organizing our society into a more efficient, fair, and environmentally friendly place. As Obama listens to the poor and those with no health care, he sees those with skills and success (money) should be obligated by government to fund the needs of our society. Every American should feel the need to help their country in tough times.A certain group of people is trying to undermine Obama'-s vision for America. But they are failing. Working Americans want jobs and to have their families be provided for. How will we stand up to people that don'-t want to help?


What has Obama done that his predecessors had not done to distinguish him as socialist? Since the founding of USA, pooled resources for example military, education, government, public roads, etc were set up for the benefits of the society. Were none of these socialist in nature?Correcting wealth disparity gaps is underkten by every nations in the world through methods such as progressive taxation. Over a long term, if a nation's 1% wealthiest owns 95% of the country's wealth, it may lead to instability, anarchy and to people's revolution.When the country's financial and banking system were on the verge of collapse, difficult decisions had to be made. What would be the repercussions of letting some of those institutions to fail? Would it lead to total credit seizure? The risk taken to bailout those institutions would be to gage the viability of these institutions recovering and to be able to support the credit/financial infrastructure in the recovery process. On hindsight, the decisions were right. Was it purely for takeover of the financial industries? We know the answer.What about other bailouts? 10% of the USA economy is from the automotive industry. By letting the automotive industry to go bust, its multiplier effect would be much worse, and the whole economy would not be positive today. The cash for clunkers was an additional programs to inject demand, while its other positive effects are greener environment and less dependent on fossil fuels (due to more efficient mileage per gallon).Health care costs is a concern for every civic minded politicians who care about the escalating costs: health care premiums doubled from 2000 to 2008 and is expected to double again within the next decade. It eats up 1/6 of the current GDP. This monster, if not reigned in in time, will break the economy. Hence, someone has to do the dirty job. This will help those in the lower class to have health care insurance, though the benefits (of lower costs overall) to the majority of the middle class will be felt years down the road.Does Obama care about the middle class? Last year, $283 billion bill was signed by Obama for tax cuts. This translates to several thousand dollars of tax credits for the middle class. What is exception and daring was that he did it during recession.If any, opposition should come from the richest 5% of the population. But why do so many ordinary Americans oppose a President who works for the middle class Americans?


He is neither a socialist nor a marxist, not even close. These are retorical phrases used by republicans. Americans haven't forgotten the fear of communism in the 60es, and the republicans are pulling that card, right now. Im from Europe and we have implemented some elements of socialism in our society, and it works well. Any remarks about "a socialistic state" is just right wing spin.We have a saying, that if you are not a socialist when you are young, you have no heart, and if you are a socialist when you get older, you have no brain. In 20 years from now you will have a completely different view on the topic...trust me!


Obama is no more socialist than Bush was. There is a massive difference between what right-wing talking heads call "socialism" and real Marxist socialism. Obama is a moderate.P.S. In an attempt to educate you, James69sk82001, I will inform you that "national socialists," a.k.a. Nazis, were not socialists. In fact, they were on the extreme opposite end of the political spectrum. The Nazis were fascists, a.ka. extreme right-wingers.


Obama isn't a progressive. He is a moderate. His HC bill is very "Republican" and his federal regulations are going to probably help out Wall St more than the Main St.http://rawstory.com/rs/2010/0329/chomsky…http://www.democracynow.org/2010/3/29/ec…He is also escalating war without a timeline and proposed the largest military budget since WWII. He also supports the Patriot Act, FISA, and tracking American via cell phones. He also supports instant DNA samples upon arrest.


The sheep don't know because they are just repeating what they heard on Fix Noix, fat a%% Rush Limpballs etc. They have so many names for our president that they contradict themselves. Dubya spend billions on two wars and was never called a socialist or Marxist by the neocons. ?


First progressive and progress are two different animals. You call yourself a college student. check the history of the communist sympathizers of the 1920's and you will see what a progressive is. You stated that he listen? to what? when was the last time he was with a poor person? When did he help/gave any money to those worse off than him? just now that he is under the microscope, and he gives less in percentage than a Conservative that makes ten times less than he does. No one is undermining Obowma visions. He is a radical socialist. You are know by the company you keep. He have kept with all the radical socialist from the get go. The government do not produce, only consumes. If you are a real college student you will know that.


Obama listens to the poor? Proof please? Or are you referring to the fact that he roiled back the welfare reforms Clinton signed into law?Obama has made society more efficient? Proof Please? Or are you referring to the fact he has made it ok to play the race card?I really want to know what college you attend. I'm sure even the most liberal among your professors would acknowledge your ignorance of reality.


Redistribution of Wealth is part of the Communist manifesto but Socialist share the same thought process...this is facts. Marxist went on to create his hybrid version of socialism which also includes a lot of the original Communist manifesto. Just read the Communist manifesto and you will see for your self.


Obama is a marxist or a national socialist. He hates america and doesnt care what the American people think. Pushing his own agenda. Killing jobs, and not listening to the people. As for the enviorment. Global warming is not man made, those who say it is are just fear mongering.


Just look at the policies which he has promoted government control of various industries. His policies he has promoted are fit right into the definition of socialism.What would you do if the richest people in the nation left and took their money with them?


A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.Thomas Jefferson.


Throw them in prison or ship them off to a different country. The people that don't care for the middle class or the needy really need to get their priorities straight.


If government would get out of the way, we could start going to work. I mean, no union, no government work.


Progressivism is a really hip, up-to-date name for people who hold Marxist views, and try to rule in a Marxist fashion. Don't get too hung up on labels, a pile of crap still stinks, even if you call it fertilizer.Marxism says "From each according to his ability, to each according to his 'need'." There is nothing fair about taking from those willing to work and giving to those who are unwilling. This is just a form of socialism, which leads ultimately to communism.I know people at your middle-school think it is really neat to wear tee shirts with Che and Mao on them, but there is nothing cool about any communist "revolutionary." They are murderers, pure and simple.Obama's vision for America is not a vision for America at all. It is a vision of the old Soviet Union, and that no longer exists, even after the murder of 18 million of it's people, because Communism DOES NOT WORK, and Marx said that Socialism is a pit stop on the way between Capitalism and Communism.And for The dark ride...let me educate you beyond what you were told in high-school...Nazi's were socialists. Nazism came from the left, just like communism. They were both populist movements, and this silliness about them being opposites is just ridiculous.Source(s):Go read the Constitution...that will tell you why people are "standing in the way" and why his "vision" will be denied. It will be great when he and his party are unemployed after 2012. The congress will be cleansed of the leftist trash in 2010. You will see only true fiscal conservatives elected in November, then the country can get back to being prosperous.


Listen to yourself!!! Yes! Obama listens to the poor - forget the ones who DON'T have health insurance for the moment. Ask yourself THIS question! WHY are these people poor? Every child in this country has the right to go to school and be educated. PAID by the TAX Payers! Right? Do YOU agree with me up to now??? Is it the Taxpayers fault some of these kids don't WANT to learn? Is it the Taxpayers fault they quit school and turn to other activities, NOT always within the Law? Is it the Taxpayers fault, their parents are too lazy to get off their butts, and perform a honest day's work? No matter HOW menial it may be! It would be better than becoming a freeloader By becoming a Ward of the State!!! EVERYBODY has a chance to better themselves, that's if they want to! Why should hard working people be penalized and made to share their good fortune with these deadbeats!? I have seen this happen! Somebody offered a job to one of these so-called poor people!! The guy looked his potential benefactor, and told him to take his job and shove it!!! He even laughed in the man's face!!! The truth was, he was making more money standing on the street corner, selling drugs!!! Requirements for that are, No effort, no education needed, no skills required, only must be able to run fast away from the Police.! God! I WISH this wasn't true, but it is!Now for this Health thing! Yes, people DO need health care. GOOD health care. Your so-called poor already get it, again paid by the Taxpayers! Only the working class HAS to fork up for it!!! I would say, the scales are balanced at this point!! The REAL unemployed, THESE are the people the Government should be helping! The ones who, up until now, had already been contributing to the Welfare participants!!! Doesn't Obama consider these guys part of his POOR group?? Now those guys, I would help! Some of my own family members are in that state now! I myself have also experienced being poorer than poor! There was a time when I really didn't have a penny to feed my kids! And guess what! NOBODY helped me!! I didn't go begging for help, I helped myself and I survived! The thing is, are YOU willing to become your brother's keeper?You talk about certain groups of people trying to undermine OBama's vision for America!!! OK! What IS his vision!?? I don't know, and neither do you!! We haven't been there yet!!! His ideas ARE Socialistic!!! He wants to spread the wealth equally amongst the masses, so no one person has more than the other! Or so he says!!! So, how is THAT going to rectify our economy?? WHO will there be to create jobs? How can you earn money if there are no businesses to provide work!? Remember, nobody will have more money than anyone else!!! How will the Government be able to collect taxes when no revenue is available!?? WHO will pay THEIR wages?? You know something, from your question, I get the feeling you think the Working people of America are the villains!! Where do you think the Government GETS it's money from??



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