Why is geico not available in Massachusetts?

Why is geico not available in Massachusetts?

I am shopping around for new car insurance. I tried Geico but it said not available in MA. Does anyone know why?


i will never go to geico for insurance. when i was younger and had just got my license, a teacher rear ended me. although the CHP officer said i was in no way at fault and that i had done everything properly, including rendering first aid to the teacher, geico jacked the insurance rates up on me so high, my parents coulnt afford to keep me on their policy. NEVER will i go to geico for insurance! i dont forget!


Yep, because in MA, the rates and forms are set by the state. Geico, Progressive, well, and most other insurance companies, don't like that. So they don't write auto insurance in MA. There are only a handful of companies that write it in MA.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


Because they made a marketing decision to not sell policies in the state of MA. Not every insurance company is allowed to or wants to sell in every state.However, before you seek Geico for coverage, you might consider this: http://www.my3cents.com/companyReview.cg…



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