Why do Republicans have the most shallow arguments regarding the Affordable care Act?

Why do Republicans have the most shallow arguments regarding the Affordable care Act?

Not only shallow but outright lies. And, these politicians are supposed to represent ALL of their constituents (save Romney that doesn'-t have any constituents right now but he'-s lobbying hard to get them). It is their duty to debate the act. The Republican candidates speak to their base like they'-re idiots. Never a deeper dive than "-government takeover"- which is a bunch of crap.We deserve to hear debated opinions on the top 10 major provisions of the bill. Things likePreventative care coverage at 100% (colonoscopies, mamograms, paps smear testing)Kids being covered through grad school/doctorate degrees at age 26 (despite the fact that unemployment for 26 year olds is close to 25%). I want to hear the candidates say they don'-t want these kids coveredNot being denied coverage for pre-existing conditionsBeing able to retain your insurance instead of changing plans when you leave your jobThe mandate and how we would address all the people that would go without insurance and prevent them from getting FREE care like they do now. What is their plan to close that gap?

I think that the key to this is competition, not mandates. We have a country of 300 million people - some old, some young, some married, some gay, some straight, some healthy, atlhetic and trim, others with chronic conditions they can't help, others with conditions they can. The idea of mandating a single policy that will address all these issues is absurd.Here's an anecdote that really happened, that I think can apply to health insurance -In New Jersey, there used to be a long list of mandates for car insurance. Auto insurers were hamstrung - being told what they had to cover and by what minimum standards. The fear was that if, left to their own devices, they wouldn't cover anything to save money, and the drivers in the state would suffer.The result was that only a few insurers elected to do business in the state. I lived there at the time - I saw TV ads for savings by GEICO, Prudential, State Farm, Aetna - every single commercial had the tag line at the end, "Not available in New Jersey". My wife and I, two adults with clean driving records, paid over $3200 per year for two older cars, with minimum colllision coverage and high deductibles. It was all we could get.In 2003, the regulations were lifted. Companies flocked to NJ and started competing. No more mandates. Geico started offering a discount if you had a masters' degree. What? How fair is that? That's exactly the kind of biased offering the government should crack down on! Except for one thing - Liberty Mutual offered THEIR discounts for something else. Prudential found a different market. These companies started to compete with each other with such intensity, each grabbing their market share, each lowering their prices and improving their coverages so that by the time we left NJ we had FOUR drivers (my kids grew up), FOUR cars, lower deductibles, higher comprehensive limits and we were paying less than HALF of what we had paid before.This works. The only reason Sandra Fluke is complaining about Georgetown is because she has no other choice. Why isn't there a low-cost alternative to Georgetown's plan that DOES cover contraception, so she wouldn't have a reason to complain? It's because the government is trying to decide what's right and what's wrong, instead of letting the people decide for themselves.You hit the nail on the head when you said "being able to retain your insurance instead of changing plans when you leave your job". You need to take that further - allowing companies to compete for business in ALL states - with restrictions and mandates and minimum coverage rules removed. The market will define the policies, and it will work. No company will limit coverages to their particular marketplace, or they'd go out of business. We'd all get what we want by choice, rather than have to fight to get the government to mandate it for us. We could choose the policies that don't make us pay for coverages we don't need, don't use, choose to live without or disagree with.The issue is not what should or shouldn't be covered by government mandated insurance. The issue is whether or not government mandated insurance is the answer - and ALL of the republican candidates say that it is not.Go back and Google the Republican plans that were submitted to the House of Representatives back in 2010 - you'll see most of your arguments there. They never got any publicity, they were never read by Pelosi, Reid, Obama.


1. tort reform2. Allow insurance companies to do business across state linesResult = insurance would cost you about 15 bucks a month. And you'd have a free market, better care and freedom of choice instead of a bunch of government BS.Ever gone to the DMV to get a driver's license? Yeah, thats government efficiency in action. You want those people in charge of your healthcare?LOLEasy.I think Ive explained that to you before, so why do you keep asking?


They've been arguing against it since Teddy Roosevelt left the GOP and came out in favor of national healthcare plan in 1912. At that time it was the AMA who was against it. Big insurance companies threw in the towel in 2008, so now we just have some ultra-conservative crazies and the usual rhetoric from mainline GOP candidates.


Adding a layer of bureaucracy to health care will neither raise the quality or lower the cost.What part of that do you not find to be true and what part do you think is shallow.


Why do YOU block people for using facts to pretty much blow your arguments out of the water?Yes, you have blocked my other account that I normally use.


I like MOST of the Affordable Care Act.But I really don't like that by law I am forced into a contract with a private company. That's not good.


So what are the "shallow arguments" and "outright lies?"


Why do libs resort to attacks because they have no intellignet defense, this question is a perfect example.


Because if you dive to deep their arguments against it lose traction.


Because they don't know what you are talking about.Hence. Shallow. I guess I should have said some of them don't know...


He's one,how much a month is it ?Only the very naive can't support something without knowing it's cost.


I just wonder why the "Affordable Health Care Act" costs so damn much.


I don't know anyone that could possibly get a doctorate degree at 26 NOR do I want my kid hanging out till they are 26 on MY health insurance. I don't want to subsidize people with my tax dollars that do not budget their money or plan their lives without considering health insurance. Why should someone drive a brand new car, where expensive clothes and have someone else pay their health insurance? I believe we can solve this problem on a much SMALLER scale to help those with preexisting conditions and to help those that REALLY cant afford it, but by using our tax dollars to support everybody is silly. Taxes will be SO HIGH none of us will be able to survive. This dream of an american utopia that the left is pushing leaves out one important fact. Personal responsibility. How can anybody learn to be self reliant if even their birth control methods are handed to them by just another parent figure, big brother? Lets grow some balls here people. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! IT FEELS REALLY GOOD!


How is it NOT government takeover to force a private company to provide certain coverage and then tell them what they can charge for same coverage?How is it NOT government takeover to require an insurance company to cover ADULT children of the insured parent?How is it NOT a government takeover to force a company to take on clients that will by definition serve to make the company lose money?All of this is not about raising the quality of health care or lowering cost. It is about driving private insurance out of business so that the government can take over health care and have a one payer system.


Here is what the mandate does: it makes every single American a criminal by default. From the moment you are born until the second you die, you are a criminal. No judge, no jury, no due process, you are guilty just by existing. The ONLY way to gain your innocence is to purchase it. If you had to pay money to vote, Liberals would go ape-sh!t and froth at the mouth (rightfully so). But when your president makes everyone a criminal by default and you have to pay money to buy your innocence, you claim it is the best thing ever. How can you support something that so blatantly violates our Constitution and our basic human rights.The ends do NOT justify the means. Who cares if a a few more people get health insurance if the cost is our freedom, liberty, and basic human rights? Stop selling our freedom for the illusion of security. It's evil and just plain stupid.


I don't want free careI want to take care of myselfI negotiated my knee surgery in 1999 with a surgeon.Paid 15K Paid part of it and financed and paid off the rest in 3 years.instead of buying a new truck then I fixed and kept my truck which I still haveI work as a landscape contractorKnee is still in great shape and WORTH FINANCING because without I could not have worked all these yearsANYONE CAN CHOOSE THAT FREEDOMI WILL NOT PAY FOR SOMEONES HEALTH CARE BECAUSE I KNOW BETTERTHAT'S WHY CREDIT AND BANKS EXISTI'm NOT a Republican!Source(s):ME



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