Why do Liberals always bring up the Auto insurance analogy to defend the Health Care bill?

Why do Liberals always bring up the Auto insurance analogy to defend the Health Care bill?

I was reading through the comments on the given article and I thought, why use the auto insurance analogy? Driving is a privilege, you don'-t need auto insurance if you don'-t own a car.http://www.latimes.com/health/la-na-obam…


That is actually a pretty narrow distinction in modern society. Sure, some people get around using bicycles and public transportation, but for most people, a car is essentially a necessity.


Because liberals are a bunch of morons. They don't think things through.I've also seen them try to compare it to Medicare. LOL! Medicare is a TAX! The government can tax you anytime it wants. Obamacare on the other hand is a requirement that everyone buy a commercial product.For some reason, liberals don't understand the difference.


They just can't seem to grasp that one doesn't necessarily have to drive, and if a car isn't operated on a public street no insurance is necessary. Obamacare is mandatory for anyone who intends to breathe. I'm sorry but I just can't give that up.


They have nothing else but little do they realize that driving is a privilege not a right.


Lol on that analogy.Most don't realize auto insurance requirement is up to each state and not a constitutional amendment unlike Obamacare with it's regulations and penalties for not having it or can't afford it.


When attempting to teach a child, one must use simple concepts that the simple mind of the child can grasp and understand.


Because Conservatives keep forgetting that the mandate was THEIR idea.Source(s):Good old Turtle man Mitch McConnel



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