Why did geico increase my auto insurance rate for no reason?

Why did geico increase my auto insurance rate for no reason?

My renewed 6-month policy has increased by $120 for seemingly no reason. Haven'-t had any wrecks or tickets. I called geico to inquire, and was told that all rates in Texas have increased. Have other insurance companies rates increased as well?


Individual insurance companies raise rates as they wish. Just because one company raised rates in Texas does not mean that other companies raised their rates. Maybe you should be calling around for a better rate?


It seems like most insurance companies are doing an across the board increase in different states. Hard times and all, I guess.Check for lower rates at another company, you might get lucky and find a better deal.


Andrew, unfortunately most states allow insurance companies to request rate increases twice each year. And even more unfortunately, they are almost always approved as long as it's what the state insurance department considers "within reason".You can contact the Texas Dept of Insurance www.tdi.state.tx.us to see if any other companies filed for and/or were approved for a rate increase- they will know. Or else you can go to www.trustedchoice.com and enter in your zip code- they will find a license, professional insurance agent in your area who can help you. They would also know if any companies filed for a rate increase in your state. Plus, they will have access to multiple insurance companies if you want a quote- they'll do all the shopping for you.Source(s):I am a licensed insurance agent with 13 years experience



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