Why are Americans against Health Care?

Why are Americans against Health Care?

I cant understand the debate about health care in America.I have lived in Britain, America, and now live in Canada. I never paid a penny in Britain or Canada for a doctor'-s services or a hospital stay for myself and family. I was happy to pay for it out of my taxes, which were about the same as I paid in America. When I lived in the US I paid thousands for health care even though I had '-insurance'-.


Americans are not against health care. We're against state-run health care. Sure, you may love your Canadian and British health systems ... but you've never been denied by them or seen them fail, which they will. Socialized medical coverage is a numbers game. The pot of money is finite, but the demands are not. The tax base only brings in so much money, and the medical needs of the citizenry change over time. Right now, Canada and the UK are trying to figure out how to maintain their health systems, as both are broke. They are underfunded and overextended, and the only ways to solve this problem in a socialized medical system is to either raise taxes or cut care, which both systems do every year.Look back, year-over-year, at the lists of procedures, diseases, and pharmaceuticals both of those systems have removed from their network of "coverage" in the last 15 years. Every year they take another need off the table because they can't afford it. Plus, they raise taxes dedicated to revenue generation for health care costs every year. Don't give me that bull that you paid the same amount in taxes in the UK that you did in the US, that's a lie. Income tax rates in the UK top 50% of gross income, while only the highest earning Americans pay tax rates like that. So you didn't pay the same in income tax in both places.As government takes over the health care system another casualty is research and development. While a private sector health systems allow companies to pursue research by where they think there is money to be made, government-run systems only fund research and development in line with the political/health interests as perceived the controlling party. Doubt me? Look at where the research and development dollars for both patient care and pharmaceuticals in the UK and Canada. They largely rely on American pharmaceutical development and medical research for new standards of care. As much as you belittle American health care interests, you don't complain much about how your own health care depends on our system the way it is.You think you don't pay a penny for health care, but you don't understand how money works. You pay for it every year whether you use it or not. You pay your taxes, and that funds the system. I pay my premiums every month, but only pay additional moneys as I use the system. It's not perfect, but it does work for 80% of the citizenry.What America needs is not a complete frame-off restoration on our health care system. The care we get is the best in the world. What we need is to remove the many hands of government strangling the delivery system and making care more expensive than it needs to be. Electronic records are going to make care more efficient? How? Ask any nurse (I have, I'm married to one) and they'll tell you that once an electronic charting system goes online, they have less time to spend with patients not more. HIPAA creates waste and interferes with the delivery of health care in every hospital in the country (thanks Bill and Hillary). Health insurance cannot compete the way auto insurance can. There are 50 states in the US, a dozen large insurance conglomerates, and 11,000 independent insurance agencies ... because Blue Cross Blue Shield (one of the largest) cannot sell the same policies in Florida that it can in Georgia for the same price due to local (state) restrictions. These boundaries must fall. That alone will bring prices down as increased competition opens new markets and increases the options available for coverage. Trial lawyers have also played an enormous hand in increasing the cost of health care. Overly litigious citizens and happily obliging trial lawyers have made the system punitive for every doctor for the smallest of issues. This drives up the cost of malpractice insurance, in turn driving up the cost for services. Award caps and punitive measures for fraudulent lawsuits are a must, and the behavior fostered by the Trial Lawyer's Association and other ambulance chasing advocacy groups must be interrupted.Here's an axiom that holds true in every instance: Government has never taken on a project and made it cheaper or more efficient. Everything the government lays its hands on turns to crap and costs 3 times more than it would have if it were left to the private sector. I challenge you to find me an example that shows otherwise.


Most Americans have been scared by the Republican party.


So, you are saying you never had a job?


Good for you. In the US it is NOT part of our Constitution and the federal government needs to stay out of the universal health care business


Simple: I DON'T WANT COMMUNISM. It's that simple.I don't want my tax dollars paying for some black persons or poor persons health insurance. I earned my money I WANT TO KEEP MY MONEY. I have health insurance and that's all I care about, plain and simple. Tell me again why I should care if Jamal from the hood or Cletus in Indiana dies from lack of insurance? Hint: I don't.If you want socialism, move to Europe. America is a libertarian country. It's bad enough that we have Social Security, public schools, Medicare, welfare, libraries, subsidized student loans, etc.


They aren't against health care.The care you received wasn't free.I'm not happy to pay for this out of my taxes. After reviewing what the government estimates it will cost taxpayers on an annual basis, it's cheaper for me to keep my current private insurance.The government should create more competition amongst private companies to lower costs. Like the idea of allowing people to purchase insurance across State lines...more options creates more competition.


Why are Canadians are clogging up the hospitals along the US border for medical care. I work in one in New YOrk and we have nearly as many Canadians as we do Americans as patients and many have US insurance programs.


The US has a higher population than any of the other places you mention. The waiting lists would be YEARS long instead of months long. If the health system is so great in Canada, why are Canadians pole-vaulting the border to get life-saving surgeries down here in the U.S.?


We are not "Against Health care". We can all agree that health care does need reform, but not a complete take-over by the government. Tort reform would be a great start, but the liberal Dems are so into the pockets of lawyers, that they never mention that.


Most Americans are socially and financially conservative thinkers (including many Democrat voters, don't forget that the US right-left scale is mostly right wing compared to established democracies in Europe) and want the US federal government to interfere with their lives as little as possible and leave their salaries alone. Universal free healthcare would be paid by everyone, and most citizens don't want their money directly benefiting someone else.It is generally perceived as "unfair" to support someone else, even if they may be unable to work/support themselves.Whether this is selfish or just pragmatic is another matter.


Government health care is fine if you are healthy, or young.I have no problem with letting the government pay my health costs, as long as they will even after I get very old.If I was 85, and needed a heart, even if I was healthier than an 18 year old, I would not get a heart if it was to be paid for by the government. I would be retired, so i would not be paying taxes, therefore I would not be needed to keep the all powerful government running. I would not be making any more children, therfore not producing votes for the all powerful government. I would be useless to them, even if I was very useful to the people around me.More government control is NEVER and I do mean NEVER a good thing.The more powerful the government is, the more ignorant it's people. (and yes, most americans are incredably ignorant)I am not a republican by the way. Rebublicans think that a book should be the answer to all the questions of the world. I am not a democrat. They think that the government can answer all the questions in the world. I am a person, who instead of defineing himself as "right" or "left", defines himself as free thinking.


Fact. The United States has roughly three times the population of the most populated country in Europe.*Fact. People wait months for health care for major procedures in Canada even with a population of 33,212,696.*Fact. Canadians visit America for health care.Fact. I would pay more money on this government run health care than I do on my own.Source(s):*http://www.aneki.com/top_100_populous.ht…


Most of us are not against health care reform. That is just one of the damn LIES told by theright wingers. And yes, some of our old folks believe them. I am old enough they can't con me.


Republicans will refuse anything that Democrats suggest. It's not a matter of healthcare or disagreeing about the issue. It's a schism in the parties that causes Republicans to cause a fuss and vote against ANYTHING that a Democrat wants. Even if they agree.Democrats do the same thing but to a MUCH milder degree.


I just read Been There's excellent answer and cannot say it better myself.I would just like to add that I have relatives who live in Great Britain who are desperately seeking to flee to the US because they can no longer afford the taxes there. Since they working and are 40 something and don't have jobs lined up here they are moving to Canada to go to school but will continue trying to move to the US.


"I never paid a penny in Britain or Canada", Barry"I was happy to pay for it out of my taxes", Barrydoh!And I thought I was a Dumbass Liberal!!!


The enjoy that 30%+ increase in insurance annually.


Because we kicked your azz about 300 years ago and we don't want to be like you.


Because they believe a fantasy that only the poor, unemployed and financially unsound people would benefit. Never mind that Capitalism has shown that competition causes prices to go down and quality to improve. Too bad the health care lobbyists have succeeded in buying off Congress and praying on the ignorance of conservative Americans. The original concept was to offer government-backed health care for those who the private sector would not insure because of health problems and a choice for those who cannot afford the private sector premiums. By making insurance mandatory, we really could have seen competition make health care costs drop [or do you really think a band-air costs $20]. Unfortunately, the current bill is so diluted, the 'at least it is something' argument is moot.



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