Who has the cheapest auto insurance rates for teens?

Who has the cheapest auto insurance rates for teens?

I'-m 19 and live in California and want to change to a different auto insurance company. I have had my drivers license for over a year and have a clean driving record. Does anyone have any suggestions of what insurance company company to look at? I feel like nationwide is ripping me off.


have you tried the yellow pages?.! That's by far the best way I know


I'm 16 and i have American Family which is great!! i only have liability insurance, and good student discounts and it's only 40$ per month. I have a 1990 Acura Legend, so it's a cheep car to insure.Source(s):shopped around before picking one


I find the best car insurance by getting quotes from running two comparison tools:http://car-insurance.moneysavecenter.com…http://car-insurance.moneysavecenter.com…


I recommend you this site where you can get quotes from different companies.


go to an independant insurance agent, they will shop a policy for you and get the best rates for you


try insurancehotline.com


Simply choose about 3 larger companies and phone for quotes. Beware of "einsurance". They tend to low ball you to snag your business and then once they have you, your rates will skyrocket



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