Who has the best home insurance in georgia?

Who has the best home insurance in georgia?

I am about to buy a house and I got to have Ins. I just need to get the best deal. Whats your opinion?


Travis,After 22 years in this business, please let me offer a little advice about buying insurance. Please don't shop based on price. Of course, you want a fair value for the coverage, but it's not the price that you'll be asking about at claim time, you'll want to know what's covered. Believe me, I've never had a customer call me to report a claim and complain about their price.State Farm insurance is the only company I know of that offers an HO5, broad form policy. As long as you insure your home for the full replacment value of the home, they will also give you another 20% coverage at the time of a total loss. In Georgia, you'll also receive a 25% discount for carrying your auto and home together.Always shop with those you trust and who you know will be there when you need them the most. Choose an agency and company, not a phone number and price.Source(s):Owner of an insurance and financial services agency in Georgia. Over 22 years experience and over 3,000 satisfied customers.


It is like asking what is the best car to buy in Georgia. There is no single right answer for either question.First thing to do is to call the agent that writes your auto insurance. I say that because that agent is going to be able to offer you a multiple policy discount. That will be a good start. If you have a good relationship with the agent and the price seems reasonable you might be done.On the other hand if you are out to get the rock bottom price, no matter what, call three agents to compare rates. You might try a captive agent that represents a single company and a couple of independent agents that represent more than one company.If you are going to be thorough you want the other agents to quote both home and auto so you get the maximum discounts.Bottom line, there is no shortcut on Yahoo Answers you need to do your home work.Source(s):...


There is no one company that's best for everyone and each company is the best company for someone. In general, the best home insurance is the same company you have your auto insurance through because you get multi-policy discounts.Source(s):Independent Agent


Depends on you! Depends on your house! One company might be best for older houses, one for new construction houses. One for houses around $150,000, a different one for houses around $500,000.There's no short cut. To find the best for YOU, and YOUR house, you have to shop around.



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