Who Has A Legitimate Personal Injury Automobile Claim, That American Family Insurance Company Has Given A Low?

Who Has A Legitimate Personal Injury Automobile Claim, That American Family Insurance Company Has Given A Low?

Who has an Underinsured Auto Policy with American Family Insurance Company, that has experienced a documented, legitimate personal injury, with a permanent loss of rom, surgery with fusion,etc, and has received low ball offers to settle ? When you have paid your insurance premiums on a timely basis for years ? Again, a legitimate injury and claim,,, and the insurance company has dragged on for years? Just looking for being treated fairly,


Most of the time, with that type of injury, with a permanent, serious disability, you get offered YOUR policy limit, minus the limit the other person has. That's what you're ENTITLED to, under YOUR policy.That's what underinsured motorist pays - the difference between your limit, and their limit.And, the claim DOES have to drag on, if you've got a really high limit, and claiming a permanent disability, because otherwise, how does everyone know it's actually PERMANENT?


For your own personal auto policy to pay under the under-insurance personal injury, the other company that accepted fault, would have to offer their policy limits to settle. Then your company would open a claim for the balance owed over and above the limits of the other company.So as an example, the other company has $10,000 limits and your injury is worth $15,000, so the 1st company would pay $10,000 and your company would pay $5,000 totaling $15,000.With surgery and fusion plus a permanent loss of your ROM, you do indeed have a documented injury vs someone with whiplash, which is sprain/strain, but no surgery would be needed.This is tricky to explain, but hope it makes some sense. In many cases where a under-insurance claim has been opened, YOUR insurance company believes that your injury is not worth what the other company has valued. So in the example given above, say YOUR insurance company believes your injury is only worth $9,000, not $15,000, and even though the other company has agreed to pay their limits of $10,000 so you can open a under-insurance claim, if they believe your injury is only worth $9,000, would not qualify, since they would have to believe it is worth more than $10,000 for them to pay under your policy. I have seen claims where we were surprised that the other company offered as much to settle, since in the company I was working at would have never offered that much to settle, if it had been us who had handled the claim.It could be that American Family has requested more medical records, past medical history of any other problems that existed prior to this accident and has "aggravated it", and would believe not part of the settlement. The reasons can be numerous and valid.As for it dragging on for years, is that I suspect you have a lawyer who has filed suit. Once suit is filed, many cases can takes years to settle due to all the pleadings, continuances, discovery etc.And yes you could have a legitimate claim, but we only have your "word" that you are owed. We don't have your file in front of us to give you a correct answer, but I suspect that your lawyer may have the answers and suggest you make an appointment in person to discuss your options and what to expect in terms of how long he expects this claim to be settled.good luck



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