Who are good insurers with reasonable rates for people of average, good credit? And what rates can we expect?

Who are good insurers with reasonable rates for people of average, good credit? And what rates can we expect?

This is for my sis who just finished nursing school and has already secured a good paying job at a major hospital. Her credit is average, typical for a young person who maybe missed a payment of two when she was in college.


I have my insurance with Unitrin Direct and it is so dirt cheap! Check to see if Unitrin offers insurance in the state in which your sister lives. I have an 03 Cavalier and I have liability limits of 50/100/50 along with Comprehensive deductible of $100 and Collision of $500 for an annual premium of $1200. This includes an at fault accident on my record and I'm under 25. My rates would probably be lower if I didn't have the accident. Another one to check is Progressive. I was involved in an at fault auto accident almost 3 years ago and Progressive was really good about ensuring my car was fixed promptly. I had my car back within a few business days and there was a significant amount of damage done. Progressive checks for credit ratings. Some other companies are E-surance, Liberty Mutual, and possibly Geico (800.841.3000). Companies like State Farm, Farmers Insurance, Farm Bureau are all good companies that offer high amounts of good coverage for families or individuals who have a claims free history. However, State Farm, Farmers, and Farm Bureau standards appear to be more stringent than companies like Progressive (800.888.7764), Unitrin (800.437.8394), E-surance (800.926.6012). Bristol West-Coast National (888.888.0080) and Infinity (800.782.1020) are common carriers in the Western states particularly California. I have included the phone numbers for the insurance companies whose numbers I deal with on a daily basis. For further information, you may want to check out some of the websites for some of the companies listed above.Source(s):my experience working in insurance


The best thing to do is try several companies on your area. There are too many factors - location, credit, driving history, married or single... To find a local agent try InsureMyVehicle.comSource(s):http://www.insuremyvehicle.com



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