Whitch insurance company would you choose? What company is better for auto insurance?

Whitch insurance company would you choose? What company is better for auto insurance?

State Farm or 21st. Century? Narrowed our selection, which compamy is better for auto insurance? Who pays out on claims. and has good customer service? Best answer gets 10 points. Thank you.


How do you define better?State Farm has, by far, the lowest complaint ratio. 21st Century used to be owned by AIG before the bailout (then they sold it).I'd look heavily at pricing, but if all other things are equal, I'd go with State Farm.


Progressive or State farm.


State farm they take care of u as well as ur car and if anything would happend u will be taken car of in a week or so I'm not part of the compant I just switch from nation wide to start farm it's a little price but if anything happends they are good hope this helps



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