Which credit card should I apply for?

Which credit card should I apply for?

I'-m 25 and recently had to buy a car. My credit score was good, but it was not high enough to buy the car without being a co-buyer with my parents. The only thing on my credit report is student loans, so I would like to get a credit card to work on building some more credit. I plan on using it to pay for gas and a few other little things and will pay the balance off every month. I'-ve narrowed it down to 4 cards, but am not sure which one I should go with.Discover it: I like the 5% cash back you can get in the rotating categories, but I don'-t think Discover is widely accepted. I also like that there'-s no fee on foreign transactions because I'-m hoping to go to England within the next couple years.Chase Freedom Visa: I like this one because it also has 5% cash back on rotation categories, but I don'-t like the 3% foreign transaction fee.Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa: This one also has that 3% foreign transaction fee, but it comes with services like auto rental insurance, travel and emergency assistance, and lost luggage coverage.Capital One Cash Rewards: I like this one because of the cash back rewards and there'-s no foreign transaction fee.I think it really comes down to either the Chase Freedom or the Capital One Cash Rewards. I'-m leaning towards the Chase card because I like the 5% cash back and if I do end up going to England, I could always pay a different way and avoid that transaction fee.


"My credit score was good, but it was not high enough to buy the car without being a co-buyer with my parents" Rewards cards are usually reserved for people with excellent credit. It sounds like you aren't quite there yet if you needed a co-signer. Give the car loan 12-24 months and it should help build your credit.I would pick the card that best fit my lifestyle and with the perks I would actually use.



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