Which auto insurance company do you recommend?

Which auto insurance company do you recommend?

I'-ve had the following insurance and was not pleased:-Insure One (real insurance: Access American Casualty)=Cheap but HORRIBLE CLAIM PROCESS-Farmers Insurance Group: Pricey and more hidden fees hence had to switch because I felt like I was paying too much and getting scammed (I tried resolving the issue but rep said "-there is nothing we can do"-).Currently I'-m with GEICO and I am paying the same as I was with Farmers (except w/out the random charges), at this point I just want a RELIABLE and CLAIM FRIENDLY INSURANCE, which would you recommend?


Try to get in with Amica -- they are the lowest if you have a really good driving record. http://amica.com/products/productsAuto.h…


I’d recommend TheHartford. We’ve been with them for about 10 years now and have had 1 claim so far. They’re very prompt with their services and in my opinion, their rates are pretty reasonable. Take a look!Source(s):http://www.thehartford.com/auto-insuranc…


I have State Farm and except for a year in Ct. have always been insured by them.When I have had to make a claim- the car was in the shop and out before some even see a claims adjuster. Because all of my policies are with the same company there is a discount.It has been years sense I had any problems at all, and those that happened were nothing major. I have had a total of nine claims I think in all my years with them.


Get Allstate.Geico, Progressive, State Farm have lousy claims practices, most of them rather spend the money on fancy advertisements, but when it comes to claims, you're on your own.Allstate have the best claims practices out there.Source(s):Used to work for Allstate, I am now an independent appraiser, and it is the easiest company to deal with.



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