Which auto insurance companies will not cancel policy/raise rates if there is an accident?

Which auto insurance companies will not cancel policy/raise rates if there is an accident?

I am comparing prices for car insurance. I have had State Farm forever. After talking to them and asking them what I should look for when shopping for car insurance is a policy that wont cancel you or raise rates if you have an accident. We have made claims in the past (storm damage and I hit a tree stump - no actual vehicle to vehicle accidents) and our rates have not gone up. Do other companies do the same? What about Traveler'-s Auto Insurance?


Hi Christy,Get in touch with an insurance BROKER. They can give you names and rates from several different insurance companies.


I do know that in Ohio, AAA Auto Insurance Company will overlook one claim per driver on the policy if they are also a member of the AAA Motor Club.This is one of the best deals that I have seen from an auto insurance company. You could have 5 driver with one accident each and they aren't going to charge you for it.


this one will not cancel policy/raise rates if there is an accident http://finance.ebookorama.com/ukusa-sele… get a quote now it's free


None of them.Each company has their own underwriting guidelines. But anytime you have a wreck, there is a possibility that your rates will go up. Depending on how the wreck happened, you could get can celled.No reputable insurance company is going to promise you up front that your rates will not go up or that you will not get can celled should you have a wreck.Source(s):Insurance Adjuster 12 years



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