Where should I go to Law School?

Where should I go to Law School?

I am not concerned with the arbitrary US News and World Report rankings. I would like to attend a smaller law school with a high quality education. Where should I go?


Need your LSAT scores and GPA in order to give decent advice. Also, there is something to be said about rankings. better university ranking = better paying job after.


Mercer University!The Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law is a great, small, southern law school located in Macon, Georgia. The law school’s total enrollment is around 450 and the school really is a charmer. Mercer is a top tier school with a great placement rate for graduates and a great bar passage rate. One huge advantage is that if you can make in the mid 160s on the LSAT you can probably get a full scholarship and go to school for free. Truth be know, the education at Mercer is equal to or better than the education you can get at “higher ranked” schools. With the low student/professor ratio professors are always available for students. It is your choice, but Mercer has a great reputation for graduating top quality lawyers.Wallace Miller who wrote the book on Auto Insurance Law in Georgia graduated from Mercer. John Oxendine, the Insurance Commissioner of Georgia, graduated from Mercer. Charles Adams who wrote the book on torts in Georgia also graduated from Mercer. Perhaps the most famous, or infamous, graduate is Nancy Grace.Check out these websites for more information:http://www.law.mercer.edu/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_F._G…Good Luck with Law School!


Here are the top law schools according to a different ranking system not the arbitrary US News & World Report Rankings. I too agree that they are based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system. Dartmouth should not have been ranked as 11th in national universities rather it should be in the top 7 at least. I love it there. But anyway here are the best law programs. Good Luck!1Yale U (CT)2*Harvard U (MA)2*Stanford U (CA)4Columbia U (NY5New York U6UC Berkeley (Boalt)7*U Chicago7*U Pennsylvania9*Northwestern U (IL)9*U Michigan-Ann Arbor9*U Virginia12Cornell U (NY)Source(s):http://www.top-law-schools.com/rankings.…



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