Where can I purchase the best roadside assistance plan available?

Where can I purchase the best roadside assistance plan available?

you should just get auto insurance with progressive. they have the best road side assistance. the most fastest response to a break down. no matter where you break down they send a tow truck to you immediately. they have people employeed who drive progressive vehicle and can come to you to change a tire, give you gas if you ran out, add fluids if they are low and have you stranded on side of the road. progressive is the best company to be insured with. i love it. i had insurance with Allstate and several other companies. None compared to progressive. they also have great rates and will meet their compettitors prices. go online to progressive.com and check them out. they also have rental assistance program so you don'-t have to pay full price on a rental car while you car is down in repair shop. i have geico right now due to not carrying long enough due to a gap in coverage in 2003. i do not like geico at all and will be back with progressive at end of august. i had to cancel with progressive because i did not qualify having being insured for a full year yet they could not beat the price of a compettior. i spoke with progressive before i dropped them and they said just go with another company for six months call us back and we will be the price. i was paying for full coverage and having things on driving record so my notes were 220 a month wiht geico it is 170. not a big difference but i had to save money due to issues. now when i go back to progressive my notes for full coverage and roadside with rental will be under 170 at end of august. i can'-t wait to get back with progressive. best insurance company out there. road side assistance is like 3-7 bucks extra a month and you can use it unlimited. car rental assistance is like 3-6 bucks a month extra. well worth it. i broke down 2x'-s in less than 2 weeks and no problem. they had a tow truck to me in less than 20 min. they also wanted to know if i needed their dispatch guy to come out to help. i knew there was nothing he could do. 1st break down my truck was having problems with oil getting to engine. 2nd break down was water pump broke. they offered to bring coolant but was not needed due to the leak. so they just sent me a tow truck. also you can request a sling truck or a flat bed. i like the flat bed so my entire car is supported on the truck than being towed with the slind and tires are on the ground. i like flat beds also to minimize damage to undercarriage or bumper. in my life time i have seen cars come in my dad'-s body shop dammaged from the tow truck driver faulty loading the car with the sling. so i like that progressive can get you the flat be. towing fees can range from 30- 100 bucks or more. with progressive you do not pay any towing fees. please check it out. by the way my father in law has AAA and he always has to pay for towing. some of is reimbused but not all of it depending on the distance of the tow. progressive no sweat that is what the 3-7 bucks come in being worth paying.


From AAA .- American Automobile Association.


From AAA .- American Automobile Association.


The real answer to this may be "From your insurance agent that handles your vehicle insurance."Then you are covered, you pay, get a receipt, and get paid back for your roadside assistance.Triple A has the most name recognition, and they are the biggest, but their response times leave a lot to be desired because they don't get paid very much to run the AAA calls, and they tend to be put off if a cash customer has called in. The cell phone types usually only cover the first $50 and have a lot of restrictions as to usage, and their dispatch service is one of the (my opinion) worst in the industry. Allstate is nation wide, but expensive if you get coverage that is worthwhile...Again, ask your agent about adding towing to the policy. If you have State Farm the number would then be 1-800-farm-tow from anywhere to get service. Other companies may vary.


After looking at several plans, I have concluded that AAA, American Automobile Association, is the best value. A basic one year plan, here in my area, is $43.00. Not only does it provide roadside assistance, towing, etc., but you receive a monthly magazine, bail bond insurance, free trip planning and maps. You can opt. for broader coverage including bodily injury and death benefit insurance at extra cost. You can also add a family member at a discounted rate. Recently, my father-in-law needed a new battery, called AAA and a mechanic came out and installed it. My wife needed passport photos, also a service they offer.



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