Where can i find auto insurance without a business exclusion?

Where can i find auto insurance without a business exclusion?

i am a delivery driver and finding auto insurance with out a business exclusion is nearly impossible! i have to have this type of insurance to continue working! help me!


It's not NEARLY impossible, it IS impossible to find a personal auto policy, which will cover you when making deliveries. It's a standard exclusion on the PERSONAL auto policy.If you want coverage while delivering, you need to buy a COMMERCIAL auto policy. It will cost more. You most likely can't buy this directly - you need to buy through an agent licensed to sell insurance in your state.Talk to a local, independent agent, who can get you quotes with a couple different companies.


You can purchase a private passenger vehicle policy with a classification for business use. I write them all the time. It's easy.Call State Farm. Other companys may do it too.Just ask for business use on the cars. It's not commercial because it is not a commercial vehicle like a tow truck. It is private passenger classified for business.


Most standard auto policies have a business exclusion. You may be able to purchase an endorsement or Business Auto Policy that will provide you coverage.Source(s):Insurance Adjuster


It shouldn't be all that difficult. I've been an insurance broker for over 30 years.A business use policy for a vehicle primarily used in a business is usially written as a Business Auto policy and not as a Family Auto Policy or a Personal Auto Policy. To qualify you musy have a legitimate business use and may be required to show [prove] a clean driving record.If there is no coverage available from the standard market for any reason you might consider the assigned risk market.I know the problem. I've covered many pizza delivery men.If you continue to have problems go to your employer and ask them to refer you to their insurance agents.



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