Where can I find a reputable health insurance broker for Missouri residents looking for individual coverage?

Where can I find a reputable health insurance broker for Missouri residents looking for individual coverage?

My insurance with my former employer ends May 31 2012 and I need individual coverage as of 6/1/12 and need a reputable broker who can help me negotiate an affordable plan. Suggestions? I'-ve been to individual websites like UHC, Blue Cross etc with outrageous quotes. I'-m healthy and don'-t smoke.


COBRA would be an option, but probably pretty expensive. You could learn about some low cost plan options at places like www.ehealthinsurance.com or www.myinsurancequotes.net, like high deductible health plans or state minimum plans etc...Typically, I would encourage someone to search "Missouri health insurance agent local" in Google or Yahoo. You should be able to pull up a local agent who knows what options are out there for ya.Good luck. Jared.Source(s):Experience as a local Utah agent.


Look at some of the higher deductible plans as a way to lower premium. You are not required to meet the deductible for doctor visits with many of the plans available in MO. Depending on your situation, such as current health and age, you could also look at getting a high deductible catastrophic plan. Also, what is the possibility of you getting a new job with benefits soon? If likely, maybe a short term medical plan will work best. These plans don't have all of the bells and whistles of a traditional plan but they are much less expensive.Speak with the agent that does your auto insurance. Many of them also do some health or they could recommend someone. You could also try this link: https://www.ehealthinsurance.com/ehi/All… which is a national brokerage. You can get quotes and there is a phone number to call to speak with someone who can answer questions since I'm not licensed in MO and can't help further with the specific plans.Source(s):Independent Agent


Have you asked your employer about COBRA coverage? Otherwise, I suggest you look in the yellow pages under insurance agents and find someone in your local area who is familiar with the plans available there.



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