When a Texas resident has an auto accident in Minnesota- a no fault insurance state?

When a Texas resident has an auto accident in Minnesota- a no fault insurance state?

A Texas resident has an accident in Minnesota- a no fault insurance state, and the Minnesotan is the one who is at fault, How does insurance companies handle this when Texas law are different than Minnesotas. There were no bodily injuries.


In every state except Michigan the term "No-Fault" refers only to how and who pays the medical of an injured person. It means that no matter who is at-fault your own insurance company pays your medical bills.Who pays for car damages in MN are still based on negligence. The accident will be handled under the laws of MN as that is where the accident happened. So if the other driver is at-fault you will get paid for your car damages by their insurance company. In MN the have comparative negligence laws so depending on the accident facts you might not be owed 100% of your damages. If you contributed 15% of the negligence to the accident, the amount you can collect is reduced by that 15%.Good LuckSource(s):Claim adjuster for way too long who handles MN claims.


It is handled according to the laws in the area where the accident happened. It's called jurisdiction, which is a term that applies to more than law enforcement.Source(s):paralegal



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