Whats your opinion...?

Whats your opinion...?

which one of these states will you say will be affordable to live in and safe to raise a familily? reason why? thanksCOLORADOFLORIDATEXASTENNESSEGEORGIA


It's not on your list, but Indiana is a great place to live, safe, a good job market and very affordable.


tx..........good to raise ur fam and cheap wit alot of fun attractions


Denver is very expensive, but I'm not sure about the smaller towns in Colorado. I've lived in Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale in Florida. Tampa is relatively inexpensive and Ft. Lauderdale is expensive, with a housing market in the top 5 most expensive in the country. Keep in mind that in Florida, all your insurance like home owners and auto will be high because of hurricanes. Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia are economical places to live, for the most part. Alabama is a VERY cheap state to live in, in both large and small cities.As for safety, different towns in each state will be safer. In general, as far as crime, those states have low crime rates.In general, in any of these states, living in a smaller town will be cheaper than a larger town.For more information on the costs of living in each TOWN you want to live in, google cost-of-living and the town name. Realtor.com also has all the info for each zip code you might want to live in.


Texas no doubt. Other states are either very unsafe or will bore you to death, unless you like the small town lifestyle. Texas has well established and up-to-date cities, while housing and living expenses are extremely affordable. Also, a lot of good people come from Texas, it's a very friendly place to be.



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