Whats the smallest sizes KA engine you can get?

Whats the smallest sizes KA engine you can get?

im looking to buy my first car and looking for a small engine. does anyone know what the smallest sized KA engine that you can get? or does anyone know the best car for an 18 year old girl'-s first car?


Why do you want the smallest engine possible? Even if you get the biggest engine available in the KA, it's still going to be a small engine. When I was 16 I had a truck with a 6.4L petrol engine, when I was 18 I had a car with a 3.8L Supercharged petrol engine, when I was 23 I had a truck/SUV with a 5.8L petrol engine, and now I have a car with a supercharged 4.6L petrol engine.There's more to life than getting good fuel mileage.


i dont know


I believe its a 1.0 litre. Go on to auto trader, search your requirements and it will also allow you to choose the size engines which are available in that specific modelWhen you found a small car in your price range check comparison sites such as go compare or money supermarket for prices on car insurance this will determine weather the car is worth getting or not.Advice with the KA if your talking older models they are very cheaply made and a crash rating on this car is very low that's something else you might want to take into consideration the vehicle's safety features. I have driven many small cars and personally safety and reliability has to go with fiesta couldn't fault it.List of small cars besides KA for you to checkFord fiestaCitroen saxoCitroen C2Vauxhall corsaNissan MicraSmartToyota YarisFiat puntoGolf and VW PoloAll these can be found at reasonable prices depending on your budget


hi the smallest one i could find was a 1.3 ltr but they are very cheap to insure. i have also had no problems with mine so far.


A Ka would be a good first car, i think its either a 1 or a 1.1litre that they start from.Also consider a Toyota Yaris, i learned to drive in one, they are reliable, easy to drive, and you can get them with a 1 litre engine. I also belive it was voted car of the year this year or last.Other small affordable cars - Ford fiesta, citeron saxo, fiat punto, peugeot's (106, 206, 207, 306), vauxhall corsa, renault clio.Best thing to do is look on autotrader for some cars you like and get on www.comparethemarket.com and search for some insurance quotes. Just to warn you tho when i passed i was 24, i had a 1.4 pug 306 and was paying ?1500 a month so its not going to be cheap for the first few years.


1.2L 1242 cc Duratec (FIRE)



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