What's the next step in selling auto insurance after your get your license? I want to do this on my own?

What's the next step in selling auto insurance after your get your license? I want to do this on my own?

I'-m opening an office in August where we want to do taxes but when it'-s not tax season we want to sell auto insurance. Is there software you have to buy? Any info is appreciated.


You will need to contact insurance companies or local reps. If you are just starting out, I recommend dealing with Progressive first. At our agency, we feel like it is the easiest software to navigate. We use www.foragentsonly.com. The account was already established when I came here, but there is information on that site that might help get you started.Also, when considering selling auto insurance, there are a few things to keep in mind. Auto insurance tends to be a decent income. However, if you choose to also write "non-standard" (ppl with no prior insurance), remember that those people are more likely to let their coverage lapse or cancel altogether so plan to spend a lot of time contacting clients and re-quoting rates with different companies. Spending all those hours on that stuff will decrease the income that you COULD be making by selling new policies.Do some research and decide if you want to just do auto or if you can expand and do home, umbrellas, etc...Hope this helps.Source(s):P&C agent in KY



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