What's the minimun Credit line on a Citi/ AAdvantage Card?

What's the minimun Credit line on a Citi/ AAdvantage Card?

This is a credit card that Citibank offers to AA customers. I just got an offer to apply an get 40,000 miles if I buy regularly with their card. I would like to know the minimum credit line offered and a phone number that I can call to for more information. The number that I have is for getting instant approval.Thanks,Christian


https://www.accountonline.com/ACQ/Displa…Citi1-800-950-5114arn 15,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® Bonus Miles after $750 in purchases2You deserve to travel more. So to get you started, we’ll give you 15,000 AAdvantage® miles after $750 in purchases within 4 months of becoming a Citi cardmember.2Earn AAdvantage® miles for purchases you make every day* Earn AAdvantage® miles: One mile per $1 spent on purchases you make everyday, up to 60,000 miles per year2* AAdvantage® award travel - redeem your AAdvantage® miles for award travel on American Airlines, American Eagle and AmericanConnection® for as little as 25,000 AAdvantage® miles2* AAdvantage® miles may never expire2* No blackout dates on AAdvantage® award travel lets you book travel, based on availability, any time you wish to fly2Member BenefitsGet great Member Benefits including the 'AAdvantage® Miles and More' newsletter, opportunities for card upgrades, reduced mileage awards, country selection for your account and more.Reduced Mileage Awards2You can save thousands of American Airlines AAdvantage® miles with Reduced Mileage Awards when redeeming for flights to exciting destinations around the globe.No Pre-set Spending Limit2Like most credit cards, you'll have a revolving line of credit. But the Citi® Gold / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® gives you more spending power with no pre-set spending limit. You will not incur over-the-limit fees when you spend beyond the revolving line.Travel Accident Insurance3Purchase plane, train or bus tickets on your credit card and you, your spouse and eligible dependent children will automatically be covered for up to $1 million of Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance at no additional cost.Travel & Emergency Assistance3With medical and legal referrals and translation services, you're protected while on the road or abroad. Included in this service are MasterTrip® Travel Assistance, Travel Services Medical Assistance referrals and MasterLegal® Referral Service.Lost Luggage Coverage3Provides up to $3,000 in lost luggage coverage for you and your dependents when you charge your entire common carrier fare with your Citi® Gold / AAdvantage® World MasterCard®. This benefit covers permanently lost, stolen or damaged baggage or personal articles checked with a common carrier.Auto Rental Insurance3Receive automatic coverage for damage due to collision or theft when you rent a car and charge it to your Citi® Gold / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® and decline the car rental company's collision, loss/damage waiver insurance.Discounts from Hertz®Save money on your next U.S. car rental by booking through Hertz with a Citi cardmember discount.Virtual Account NumbersUse Virtual Account Numbers to make an online purchase, and a substitute number will be generated for that one particular transaction. Your real card number is protected, because the retailer will never see it.Citi® PhotocardsCiti® Photocards will give you something to smile about, with your picture and signature on the front of your credit card for extra security and a great form of photo identification.$0 Liability on Unauthorized ChargesShop anywhere and never lose an unauthorized penny. With $0 Liability you will never pay for any unauthorized charges made on your Citi credit card.Concierge ServiceThe personal concierge can assist you with valuable information about restaurant or hotel reservations, shopping needs, tickets, car service and more anytime, anywhere.Free International Cell Phone Rental2Enjoy a free rental of an international cell phone from PlanetFone for two weeks whenever you travel. You can be reached virtually anywhere, anytime. Benefit excludes Japan and Korea.Source(s):https://www.citicards.com/cards/wv/cardD…


You won't be approved before you talk to someone.I called the instant approval number on an offer that turned out to be Bank of America. What I wanted was to be removed from their mailing list and the guy not only removed me from the mailing list for alumni, he removed me from all BoA credit card lists and did the same for my husband when I asked.Such good service actually makes me think that in the future, if I want a new credit card, BoA might be the way to go.So, try the number, ask your questions. If you like the answers, get approved.


Keep in mind one thing about airline miles cards.They are mostly a gimmick.Study and report after report has shown that you are always better off with a card that gives you 1% cash back after it is said and done.The miles are hard to redeem, you have to pay extra to get family to go with you, and you have to pay the high price at their website (not the deep discounted prices at travelocity).About only 10% of the people actually use these points for flights.Most end up getting high priced magazines.Please keep all this in mind.Let those airline cards be for the people that can't save for vactions on their own.


...determined by your credit score, the amount of overall debt you have and your income, either monthly or annually. From there, citibank will make their decision and mail you what your credit line will be.I got mine card about 3 years ago, and they started me off with a $8,500 line of credit. Within a year, they upped it to over $10,000. Undestanding this process, you credit line within a year or a year and a half, you line should be about $10k.You can contact citibank at (888)-766-2484. Don't forget to take a look on their website at citicards.com.



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