What's the cheapest auto insurance provider in California?

What's the cheapest auto insurance provider in California?

I'-m thinking of getting a new car but every insurance company quotes are more than the actual payment itself. Any suggestions?


It just depends on your driving history. I get a decent rate from USAA in California, but unless you're a military family or in the military yourself that's not an option for you. Everyone's rate will be different. You just have to get quotes from all the different companies and compare them. Start with progressive's website, because I know they will give you their price and a few others' to compare it to.


I have met this sort of problem before, I may say you are not the only one met this sort of issue,here carsinsurancefree.info is the resource that I feel helpful..


Several factors are considered when calculating an auto insurance rates. Some are: years of driving and license experience, driving record, one way and annual mileage, coverage needed, area you live in, and the list goes on. Some discounts that really help (make sure you ask for them), multi policy discounts (Even if you are renting, the discount for getting two lines of coverage generally pays for the renters policy in full and still saves you money on your auto policy), good driver, bachelors degrees, certain occupations, multi cars, 3.0 or better for students, alarms and many, many more. What you want to do is find an agent who represents multiple carriers so they can do your shopping for you. Try these guys- they represent over 150 auto insurance carriers and will shop them all in a matter of minutes with their high tech rating software system. They have over 85 years experience in the auto insurance business in California, and handle the entire state. 1-800-454-8211 USAA is great, but as the previous post mentioned, you must be military to get in. Ganis Insurance has several carriers who offer military discounts as well, so check out there rates- you might be in a new car in no time! :-)Source(s):http://www.ganisinsurance.com/


The best way to find the cheapest auto insurance provider in your particular state is to use an insurance broker. Typically, they can compare a bunch of different providers in your area and give you the best deal.I called 1-888-497-0801 and receive a great deal. They provided plenty of quotes and I was able to pick that one that best fit my budget. The best part the quote was FREE, so I was really happy.Notes: Any time you call for an Insurance Quote you should have the following Items handy to get the best quote.1. Driver's License2. Vehicle Make and Model3. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)4. Estimated Mileage5. Your Driving Record - basically being truthful about your driving record.6. Your Existing CoverageI hope this helps...Source(s):http://www.quick-car-insurance-quote.com



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