Whats the best way to drive from LA to NY?

Whats the best way to drive from LA to NY?

I have an Australian licence (i will get an international licence if i go to USA)i am 31 yrs old, so can i use a rental car? is it expensive to have the car for about 20 days?


Car rentals are usually by the week, so you will maximize your value if you rent for 21 days. One-way rentals are often more expensive than the cheap rates advertised for returning to the same location. And some rental companies restrict where you can drive. Plan on spending a lot of time on rental car websites, and be sure to read the fine print for restrictions.You will have to balance the size of the car with fuel economy. Bigger cars cost more to rent and will use more gasoline, but will give you more space inside.The Collision Damage Waiver can cost almost as much as the rental itself. The folks at the rental counter will really push it. Find out before you go if your insurance will cover you, or if using your credit card will give your insurance on a rental car. If you have other insurance that is good in the U.S., you can skip the CDW. Check what rental companies charge for the CDW and other add-ons when you compare prices.Check to see if your automobile club has reciprocal arrangements with the American Automobile Association. If so, you might be able to get free maps from AAA offices when you get here. Get the info in writing in case the clerk who serves you doesn't know all their policies.As others have said, when you get to the big eastern cities, transit is good and the car isn't necessary. If you time things right, you can get rid of the car when you arrive in NYC and have your last few days on foot, subway, and taxi.The contiguous U.S. states are roughly the size of Australia, so you are looking at a drive equivalent to going from Sydney to Perth. You couldn't see every corner of Australia in three weeks, so you won't be able to see everything of interest in the U.S., either.Go for a balance of cities, history, and natural wonders. The mountains out west are twice the height of the mountains in the east, but even in the east you can find nice scenery.Try to do most of your driving by daylight so you can see more. The Interstate Highway System will get you places quickly, but if you want to experience places get off onto the old U.S. Highways that go through towns rather than around them.As someone else mentioned, many of the small towns in the midwest and plains states have a city park where you can stop for a picnic lunch, or diners on Main Street (High Street) where you can experience local food. You can eat at McDonald's anywhere in the world, and you can find them all over the U.S., but you probably want to experience more than fast food while you are here.Even the plains states in the middle have a lot to see. For example, in Nebraska you have the historic Oregon Trail near Scotts Bluff, the busiest railroad line in the world for train spotters, a half-kilometer long bridge almost a hundred meters over the Niobrara River along the Cowboy Line trail in northern Nebraska, and a world-class zoo in Omaha.June through August are the peak travel months in much of the U.S. It's northern hemisphere summer, and schools are on summer break. Accommodations at some national parks book up early during the summer, so you might need to do some advance planning. You might consider traveling in May or September when the popular parks won't be as crowded, but the weather will be good. If you travel between November and March you will need to keep an eye on the weather forecast for snow, particularly in the mountain passes in the west.Remember we drive on the other side of the road.Have fun.


LA> Las Vegas> Utah> Colorado > Interstate 70 -- Interstate 80Nebraska takes a long time to drive across & not scenic. I try to drive some of itat night .. People go way faster than speed limit..but Slow down at Iowa..as they wait at the border for speeders. Iowa is pretty- ..more bland..It would be beneficial to know the month. Colorado is very high..but its a must seeIt snows quite early in the high elevations.The trip is about 50 hours at top interstate hiway speed.Just google US car rental.. The major ones will show. I use National mostlyI could give you the link..but it matches my city's location when I search itTo make the middle of the country more interesting..since its lot of farm landGet off the highway ..go into a small town. Eat at their local cafe or have picnic in their city park.And not always eat at the chain restaurants Like McDonalds etc. on the highway.This is how you will see the real US.Visiting a place is about seeing how the common person lives.. not just tourist spotsJust visiting both coasts you wont see the calm & peace of the US. Ive lived in all 3 spots.


Via le car


don't take a car. run.


At 31 you can rent a car. As far as the cost of the car itself, check out a rental agency and it's fares--Hertz, Avis and Enterprise rent-a-car are large firms. You will obviously need to choose a firm that has offices at both your starting and stopping points. With a little creative googling you might be able to find some sort of deal. Note that you will be legally required to have car insurance to drive.The cost of gasoline varies greatly across the US, and could also change significantly between now and whenever you go, but US$4/gallon is a probably a decent ballpark figure (note gas is universally measured in US gallons in the US, 3.8 liters to the US gallon). Fuel efficiency varies with car of course, but 25-30 miles per gallon is probably a realistic bet with most 4 door sedans. So a ~2,800 mile trip across the US would use somewhere in the range of 100 gallons and cost about $400.So as for actually getting from LA to NY: Note that maps.google.com is incredibly useful for working out routes to take. The three routes suggested by google all take roughly 45 total hours of driving--if you simply wanted to drive from one city to the other you could do it in 4-5 days. If you are planning on renting a car for 20 days though you'll presumably want to do more than just drive from LA to NYC.I might suggest the following:Do a loop around California before heading East: drive from LA to San Francisco via the Coast. From San Francisco then drive to Yosemite National Park. From there head down to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Then head towards Denver via I-15 and I-70. There are a number of major National Parks in Utah and you'll drive through the Rockies and past the Rocky Mountains Natl Park. From Denver drive to Chicago, spend a few days, and then drive on to New York if you want. I'm guessing that that would be an eventful way to fill three weeks.A further note:The US is a really big country, and the middle of it is pretty boring. While renting a car is useful for seeing areas outside of major cities, and certain major cities like Los Angeles, I might suggest renting a car to cover the Western US, then flying towards say Chicago and then flying or taking a train to New York. The major eastern cities have good public transit and are places you'd be crazy to try and drive in--taking a rental car there would probably only be a source of frustration.Southwest Airlines is a good choice for cheap airfare. Also check out sites like travel.yahoo.com or priceline.com



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