Whats the best auto insurance for a 20 year old girl with a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Whats the best auto insurance for a 20 year old girl with a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

What would be the best and the cheapest auto insurance for a girl 20 years old with a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with 6 cyn 4X4 and a security system???? Which one would you consider the cheapest auto insurance?? She got a speeding ticket on 8/8/08 too going 45 in a 30.


Always so many numskulls just like to givenothing but online insurance companies.Those are the worst places for a really goodinsurance, and also have the highest pricesfor lousy service.Don't use online companies. Very few havegood records in the claims areas, and willcancel you in a heartbeat. They never quoteon the basis of you as they never meet youto get any impression about you. They don'thave local offices where you can go in toask questions, file a claim, get advice onother insurance such as personal property,home, boat, motorcycle, etc, which wouldbe based upon them actually knowingyour area, neighborhoods, the people, andthe hazards in your area. Lacking all ofthis, and more, they just quote their pricescompletely based upon your credit score,and age bracket, plus any other claims,or violations. This kind of quote is alwayshigher than you can find through yourlocal agents. Independent agents willactually search out several companiesto show you the rates while you are there.Some of the online quotes I have seen forpeople under twenty-five have been runningfrom $20 to over $100 higher than quotesfor the same people at local agents aroundhere. It is always better that an agent beable to use all of his five senses, and eventhe sixth sense about you at the time heis checking records to be able to give youan honest quote.Insurance rates are based on a number offactors for each person. There isn't a good'guess' by asking in here. Your age, thenumber of miles driving on the average,the length of time you have been driving,your driving history, and even the make,model, and year of your vehicle all canmake a difference. You should nevertrust an online source to get your autoinsurance.Also, don't look at just the minimum youcan get by with in a policy. Can youactually afford to buy yourself a newvehicle, and one for the other party ifyou have an accident that tears up yourcar, and the other you were involved with,and your insurance does not cover it all?What about court costs, and attorneyfees if you are at fault, and don't haveenough coverage in liability, medical, andeven other comprehensive? All must beconsidered, and a local agent would bemuch easier to deal with to help youdecide what you should get, and toget it for the least amount.Females have a much better chance oflower rates than males, and especiallyat ages below 25 for females, and 30for unmarried males."Let your fingers do the walking" andthen actually go to some local agentsto find the best price for what you need.One granddaughter shopped online thispast year for auto insurance. She hadjust turned 21. The lowest price she gotfor the basic minimum was $75 per month.I took her to two different agents whereshe got one to quote her $55 for thesame policy, and the other quoted heronly $52 for a policy above the minimum,and with comprehensive coverage also.


Go to the different web sites and try the quotes. When I first got my car I didn't go for the major car insurance people. I tried a place called Dairy Farm. They were cheaper. I was about 17 at the time. The best thing for her to do is take the defensive driving course. It will eliminate 3 points for the speeding ticket.


We cant tell you. Sure somebody can stump for State Farm or Progressive, but that doesnt help you.You need to do the legwork yourself. We dont know where you live, or how much driving she does. You need to decide the levels of coverage, liabilitites, deductables, etc - and then call or price around.



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