What will happen if you were driving with no insurance in ontario?

What will happen if you were driving with no insurance in ontario?

My dad has an insurance for his car, but I drive his car having his insurance card and I'-m not like a second driver on the car at the insurance company?


As long as you are allowed to drive the vehicle nothing. The vehicle is the one insured in Ontario, regardless of who is driving. The reason a second driver is assigned as a second driver is because the government allows the insurance companies to claim that the vehicle is been driven by both drivers in a full time basis. which is never the case but is a way for insurance companies to make money as you know if you are under 25 insurance is pretty high because the insurance companies say so. Is always a good idea to add yourself into the insurance because insurance does become cheaper as they begin to know you as a driver and for as long as you don't have any accidents you are rated pretty good and your insurance becomes inexpensive. Other than that is just a way to profit by the insurance companies legally as the government allows them to make such claim.


Do you have his permission to drive it? no? that's grand theft auto, otherwise, It's his insurance, and unless you become a permitted person, they will prob. hit him hard for the excesses or even refuse to payout, assuming you will be at fault. The policy details will reveal it, but he may not want to share them with you. It would pay to remind him to READ the POLICY.



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