What UK car insurance provider will give me credit for years driving with a US license?

What UK car insurance provider will give me credit for years driving with a US license?

I am about to get my full UK driving license and purchase a car, and need auto insurance - given that my UK license will be completely new, will any UK providers take into account the fact that I have been driving with a US license for the past 9 years?


probably not as you'll have been driving on the other side of the road. Try searching for specialist insurance compaines. its unfortunate that you cant use a foreign licence in the uk for more than 1 year. maybe sites like moneysupermarket.com or confused.com could help


You will benefit from the fact you have been driving for a year, however it is unlikely you will get a 'no claims discount'. Insurers such as Morethan and Norich Union are quite reputable. Your best bet is to phone up for a quote and explain your situation, once you have secured the quote go on-line, as you can normally get it discounted. I hope this was of help to you :)Source(s):http://www.morethan.com/



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