What to do when my auto insurance has been lapsed for 3 weeks?

What to do when my auto insurance has been lapsed for 3 weeks?

My auto insurance was cancelled as of December 3 due to nonpayment. I want to get insurance with a different company in the next week when I get my next paycheck, will the new company I sign up for know it has been lapsed for a few weeks? This is the first time I have ever let this happen so I have no idea what to expect.


Yes they will know. You will have a tough time getting insurance now and when/if you get it, it will be expensive.


Don't drive in the meantime, besides being illegal, you could end up paying for an accident for years. Insurance companies don't like to see lapses in coverage - it's a sign of irresponsibility, so you will pay more because of that lapse.


Other insurance companies would let you sign up, but your insurance will be more expensive since you have had a break in coverage.Don't wait until next week however to get insurance. Get it immediately because if you get into an accident or a ticket without insurance, you could lose your license. In fact, depending on the state you live in, your previous company could have notified your state's DMV that you no longer have insurance and they may have already suspended your license for no insurance.There are a few places where you can buy a policy and get your insurance card right away. Esurance, Progressive, GEICO, SafeAuto, The General are a few places.


The new company will ask if you've had insurance, and if you say "yes', they'll ask to see the policy. When the agent sees the expiration date isn't today or very soon, there will be questions, so best to admit it. Not having coverage is a huge red flag to insurers.


start shopping in your area/contact your relatives and see what they have for insurance co and maybe some friends



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