What specifically did ralph nader in the 2000 elections?

What specifically did ralph nader in the 2000 elections?

I know people say the he lost the election for the democrats, but what is it that he did?


He didn't loose the election for the democrats. They just used him for an excuse as to why they lost. The democrats were trying to say is that some of the people who would have voted for Gore instead voted for Ralph Nader. They claim that if he didn't run that then those people that voted for him would have voted Democrat and therefore the Democratic Party would have won.This is a bunch of bull. And the Democrats know it.Honestly I would have loved to see Nader win the election. So many people son't like him and they really have no good reason why. If everyone only knew all the good things he has done for our country perhaps they would change their minds. He has done more for us than any living president has even dreamed of. I think he would be even better than Dr. PaulHere is a list of what Nader has done for our country.Instrumental in the passing of the following legislation:National Automobile and Highway Traffic Safety Act (1965)Clean Water Act (1968)Clean Air Act (1970)Co-Op Bank Bill (1978)Law establishing Environmental Protection Agency (1970)Consumer Product Safety ActForeign Corrupt Practices ActMine Health and Safety ActWhistleblower Protection ActMedical Devices safetyNuclear power safetyMobile home safetyConsumer credit disclosure lawPension protection lawFuneral home cost disclosure lawTire safety & grading disclosure lawWholesome Meat ActNatural Gas Pipeline Safety ActFederal Coal Mine Health and Safety ActWholesome Poultry Product ActOccupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1970Safe Water Drinking ActFreedom of Information ActNational Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety ActFounded or sponsored the following organizations:American Antitrust InstituteAppleseed FoundationArizona Center for Law in the Public InterestAviation Consumer Action ProjectBuyers UpCapitol Hill News Service Center for Concerned EngineeringCenter for Auto SafetyCenter for Insurance ResearchCenter for Justice and DemocracyCenter for Science in the Public InterestCenter for the study of Responsive Law - 1969Center for Women Policy StudiesCitizen Action GroupCitizen Advocacy CenterCitizen Utility BoardsCitizen WorksClean Water Action ProjectClearinghouse for Professional ResponsibilityCongress ProjectCongress WatchCongressional Accountability ProjectConnecticut Citizen Action GroupConsumer Project on TechnologyCorporate Accountability Research GroupCritical Mass Energy ProjectDemocracy RisingDisability Rights CenterEqual Justice FoundationEssential InformationFANS (Fight to Advance the Nation's Sports)Fisherman's Clear Water Action GroupFoundation for Taxpayers and Consumer RightsFreedom of Information ClearinghouseGlobal Trade WatchGovernment Purchasing ProjectHealth Research GroupLitigation GroupMultinational MonitorNational Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home ReformNational Coalition for Universities in the Public InterestNational Insurance Consumer OrganizationOhio Public Interest Action GroupOrganization for Competitive MarketsProfessional Drivers (PROD)Professionals for Auto SafetyPublic CitizenPension Rights CenterPrinceton Project 55PROD - truck safetyPublic Citizen's Visitor's CenterPublic Interest Research Groups (PIRGS)Resource Consumption Alliance (conserve trees) 1004Retired Professionals Action GroupShafeek Nader Trust for the Community InterestTax Reform Research GroupTelecommunications Research and Action Center


By running, he split the vote.Democrats often assume that if people hadn't voted for Nader, that they would have voted for Gore.


He split the vote for the Democrats. Enough Democrats voted for Nader, that Bush won.


He gave old women an old man to listen to, and pretty much that is it. He is a man who knows he can not get elected but he talks to the old women, he needs attention, and where there is a fly there is usually spoiled meat.


Nader saved America from Al Gore's insanity.


Nothing. That's why HE LOST.


Ralph Nader, in 2000, won about 60,000 votes in Florida. If we assume (correctly, I think) that the majority of the Nader votes would have gone to Gore had Nader not been running, Gore would have won Florida, and therefore the White House.



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