What sort of insurance do I need to cover land / work liability?

What sort of insurance do I need to cover land / work liability?

What insurance would do the job if one has some land, and say a gardener one hires off craigslist trips and impales himself on some garden shears on my land? What insurance/s one need, what are they called, and what are the approximate costs, for something around 10 acres, that needed 15 hrs / month for maintenance landscaping.


You need a liability insurance policy. Sometimes they are called "umbrella" policies. If you have homeowner's or renter's insurance or auto insurance, call your insurance agent and ask what $1M of umbrella liability insurance would cost. It's usually very inexpensive, maybe $100-$200 per year for $1M of coverage. Every major insurance company has it. Shop around if you don't already have other insurance. This kind of policy usually is used to top up the other liability coverage you already have for your car, etc. A person you hire this way would probably be considered an independent contractor. I suggest also that you might try to have them sign a release which says that they won't hold you liable if anything happens to them while they are working for you or on your property. You can find these online. Search for "Release of Liability" or "Hold Harmless" agreeements.



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