What should I be looking for when purchasing an auto insurance policy?

What should I be looking for when purchasing an auto insurance policy?

What do you guys think of "-Infinity Insurance Company"-?


I used to work for infinity as a claims adjuster. Not a bad company. Read your policy. Your agent may lie I've seen it too many times, just read your policy. Most important parts are collision to cover your vehicle. You usually pick none, $500 ded or $1000ded. That's up to how old your car is and whether or not you have a lienholder that requires collision. Lower ded. costs more than higher ded.Second is liability. If you are at fault for an accident, it pays the other guys property damage and medical bills up to a certain limit. Minimum limit in CA is $5k property and $15k liab. Again, more coverage costs more, but if you get too little and do a LOT of damage, the other people can still sue you.Hope I helped. Post any other questions you have and I'll check back later.Never heard of 800 Insurance but I am with Unitrin and they are reasonable. Check out the site and price comparehttp://www.unitrindirect.com/autoinsuran…Source(s):Former auto claims adjuster- Infinity Insurance (SF-Bay)


never heard of them ..you should look for the best deal always.


Check these web sites. With the questions asked, you will have a better knowledge of what you need. www.2locate4less.com www.insweb.com www.quotewizard.com www.insurance.com www.netquoteautoinsurance.com or www.autopolicyweb.comSource(s):www.erieinsurance.com


Never heard of Infinity.The insurance policy is basically a required form of gambling. You pay into somethingand hope to never use it. Numerically, the premiums cover the cost of damages divided by the probability of you causing or getting into an accident. The biggest qualifier of a good insurance company is it's ability to pay. small companies may not have the money to cover your claim.As far as policies, you have to shop around for the best deals of what you want covered. For most people who drive little pieces of crap, they only want Liability insurance. The amount to pay out should cover your liquidable assets. If you own a house, get an Umbrella policy so that the damages done by you (that is not covered by insurance) is not the cause of you losing your home. If you have a new car and are still making payments, the Lien Holder will require comprehensive coverage so that the value of the vehicle does not go below the amount owed on the loan.Liability cost the same regardless of vehicle value, however the premiums rise with the size of the engine and vehicle weight. high perfomance=high cost of insurance.Try looking at several companies. Erie and Farmers Insurance offer cheep rates. If you want great service, Geico, Progressive, and State Farm are good companies.


They are well know and reliable. Make sure you understand the type of coverage and the amount of coverage in dollars.


make sure you can handle the deductible.Source(s):ghb


Here are a few tricks to lower your insurance costs regardless of the company. Feel free to use some of the resources on the site. There many be a few companies that you have not yet thought of.http://www.cheaperautomobileinsurance.or…



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