What part of this is true and what part of denver isn't true?

What part of this is true and what part of denver isn't true?

Denver pros1. very nice people2. Denver is a HUGE sports town and people in Denverlove the Broncos almost as much breathing3. Coors Field is gorgeous4.Denver has tons of parks5. fantastic weather..never very humid and winter storms tend to blow over quickly for the most part6. excellent stores and malls7. Denver is not Chicago or NYC as far as rests but it still has a number of good rests8. Denver is a pretty city9. The suburban schools are almost all excellent10. Denver has a nice cultural scene11. Denver is an easy city to get around12. Denver has a good job market13. Denver suburbs are nice places to raise a family14. many of the people keep fit and believe in living a healthy lifestyle. 15. many excellent colleges16. very educated city17. despite all the jokes about DIA, Denver boasts one of the nicest and busiest airports in the US.Cons1. Denver has a serious air pollution problem2. Many people in Denver love to tailgate other drivers3. Denver has a serious homeless problem but this is not unique to many metro areas4. home prices and rental prices are overpriced5. taxes are high in Colorado, know that before you leave whereyou are living6. Denver has a very crime rate in the non suburban areas7. like many metro areas, Denver is battling a gang problem.8. insurance rates are often very high for many people9. Denver Public School system is a complete and total mess for the most part, the Denver suburban schools are vastly superior in terms of quality10. if you don'-t like yuppies than Denver is not the town for you11. many people who have lived their whole lives in Denver can put some people off with the attitude that Denver is the greatest place on earth, but for the most part as mentioned above mostColoradoians tend to be very nice.12. many skilled and very educated people are underemployed because job competition in Denver is fierce13. if you are not a Broncos fan you might find many of the Broncos fans to be obnoxious, but that is true of hometown loyalties in most NFL cities.14.people whom rent aren'-t as well protected( rights wise) as they would be in other Metro areas.


true1.news to me are you sure you mean Denver?2.Yeah but statewide they are tied third place in sports with the Rockies after #1 High School football and #2NASCAR3.I liked Bears stadium better.4.not compared to other cities Springs, Grand Junction etc5.Summer is too hot6.so good I do most shopping online7.WHAT???? I do not understand that statement8.Take a look Denver is one of the ugliest cities in Colorado9.no comment10.yes11.no not at all horrible traffic12.YES why I do not know13.YEAH like East LA14.Bull-crap then why is the Springs the most fit population?15.Colorado has many excellent Colleges but only DU is in Denver16.Not compared to Boulder or even Springs17.Busiest because they used influence to eliminate most area airport flights from other airports (like Pueblo)cons1.That is why Denver has been known as the "Brown Cloud" since the 1950s by the rest of the state2.That is because most Denverites try to drive 20 MPH under the speed limit in the left lane3.Not as bad as the Illegal Immigrant problem4.No more than other Metro area cities or Springs metro area.5.And they are cheap where?6.VERY HIGH entire metro area7.Denver's gang problem is minor compared to Aurora, Springs and Pueblo8.Insurance (auto) is very cheap in Denver, compare to rates in Pueblo9.don't know10.Neither is Boulder, Aspen, Salida, or Springs11.You said that Denverites not Coloradoans were nice I disagreed12.NO there are a great deal more jobs in Denver than most of the State as well as far higher wages.13.You said it and they are. Even Oakland Raiders fans are much more civilized acting. Only Green Bay fans seem more unruly.14.Same rights as any other city (Federal Laws)


if you are asking all these questions, you should probably visit again before you move.


They lady above me is right on the money. Listen to her!Source(s):Born and raised in Colorado


dude just move there already!!!! but to asnwer your qustion:5. i dont know if i would call the weather fantastic--last winter ws brutal up there so you never know--but overall mild, sunny7. rests=restaurants: no, denver is not nyc in anyway but denver has anywhere beat as far as mexican food goes--thats its forte12. job market--depends on your field, some people are strugglingcons:---taxes are not high at all--a 200k house is only taxed about 500-1000$ a year--thats dirt cheap


well denver is pretty depending on what you are looking for....and it's a sport place but i wouldn't go as far as saying its like breathing and the city is nice but not huge and the malls are okay as well as coors field but the main thing about colorado is the rocky mountains its gorious all year round but the weather is okay its hot but not way humid and the winter can be cold but for the most part does blow over and in the mountains its always colder then the metro area but over all denver is not bad and as far as suburbs littleton, englewood, centennial, and some parts of denver is okay and if your on the higher end of life highlands ranch. the cities i mentioned have decent schools the farther north you go the worst ive gone to denver schools and they were not okay but littleton is okay so just look around are you moving or visiting? any other questions email me at teen7180 at yahoo.com have lived here for all my life and its pretty good


Seriously, this is about the 20th question you have asked. I'm begining to wonder if you even try to look things up.pros: 7. I don't know what that means. 9. One district in particular is excellent - Cherry Creek School District. Littleton is ok, but it depends on the school - some are excellent, some are ok. Lakewood has been trying to recruit teachers for years, so I'd worry about that one. 12. It's like anywhere else right now.Cons: 1. false2. yes3. not as bad as salt lake city or chicago or San diego (been to those places)4. not much higher than elsewhere.9. they are working on it10. FALSE11. just like any where else14. that is untrue.


Denver pros1. true2. true for the most part3. true4. very true5. true, 1 day its blizzard type snowing, the next day the sun comes out. its crazy, but a good type of crazy.6. true7. true8. true9. true depending on the area10. true11. very true12. also true13. also true depending were14. true15. true16. true for the most part17. extremely trueCons1. 100% false! The air is really fresh and clean from all the trees, highly recommended especially during pregnancy.2. true in a way3. true4. depending where- true5. depends6. true7. true8. depends9. true,but there's cherry creek schools which are a lot better.10.haha, no really11. I've lived in denver all my life, but its not like that at all!12. no13. True but lately a lot of "loyal bronco fans" are giving up on the broncos, so its not much of a problem haha14. depends where



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