What other career fields could a claims adjuster apply for?

What other career fields could a claims adjuster apply for?

I am a bodily injury claims adjuster for an auto insurance company with 4 1/2 years experience. I'-ve grown tired of the nonsense within our company. I am presently searching for jobs with other companies in all branches of claim handling. However, I'-m also thinking about switching fields all together. What other career fields would my experience qualify me for if I decided to change fields? Also, does anyone recommend a good insurance field to enter?


First off, If you ever find an insurance company without the "nonsense" you need to let every other adjuster on the planet know about them. They all have their nonsense the levels of it vary.From my own personal experience, I left auto liability/BI claims because I could no longer stomach the scumbag lawyers. I moved to another company into their subrogation dept. I loved it and stayed for 7 years until I bought an independent adjusting company so I wouldn't have a boss.You could take your skills and apply them to other things such as Risk Management for a self-insured trucking or transportation company. I have also heard of former adjusters going to work for government bodies like cities or their transportation depts.Good Luck



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