What is..?

What is..?

the best area of town to live in?And also what is the average cost for a three bd rm,2 bath house?FOR St. Louis,Missouri??Thanks for answers.


Saint Louis StatisticsMedian household income(per year) $44,117Income change over time(increase since 1990) 45.58%Sales tax 6.92%State income tax rate(highest bracket) 6.00%State income tax rate(lowest bracket) 1.50%Auto insurance premiums(average for the state) $700Saint Louis HousingMedian home price $139,315Home price gain(2-5 year gain) 3.99%Saint Louis EducationColleges, universities and professional schools(within 30 miles) 24Junior colleges and technical institutes(within 30 miles) 17Saint Louis Quality of LifePersonal crime risk 253(100 is national average, lower is better)Property crime risk 225(100 is national average, lower is better)Saint Louis PeoplePopulation(town and surrounding area) 946,011Population change over time(increase since 1990) -8.42%Median age 36Saint Louis Leisure & CultureMovie theaters(within 15 miles) 90Restaurants(within 15 miles) 2,486Bars(within 15 miles) 502Public golf courses(within 30 miles) 108Libraries(within 15 miles) 110Museums(MAA accredited- within 30 miles) 7Saint Louis WeatherAnnual precipitation(inches) 38.91High temp in July(degrees F) 90.00Low temp in Jan(degrees F) 20.70


dont live there sorry


Google "Fair Market Value" for St. Louis, MO


i was about to say,"anywhere but St. Louis"j/kgood luck


Sorry, but the ONE OTHER PERSON on Yahoo Answers from St Louis, Missouri isn't here tonight.Why not just look it up?


dont know good luck



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