What is tort to do with Auto. Insurance?

What is tort to do with Auto. Insurance?

I am getting automobile insurance and they want to know if I want full tort included or limited tort? I don'-t know what that is?


Ryan is right. Ask your agent what the different limits provided are and what the cost for each is. Then make a decision.


Tort is a legal term that means civil wrong such as causing a car accident, as opposed to a criminal wrong. Unlike obligations created through a contract, the duties imposed under tort law are mandatory for all citizens in that jurisdiction. Somebody behaves 'tortiously' when they harm other peoples' bodies, property or legal rights or breach a duty owed under statutory law.The dominant action in tort is negligence, which is used to protect people's bodies and property, including non tangible economic interests.Ask them to explain the difference between the two so you understand it and are on the same page. It's important you do that.Source(s):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tort


tort is legal advice


Tort restricts your option to sue the people who hit you.Full tort - sue for whatever you want. Pain, lost wages etcLimited tort - You can't sue for pain - just for medical bills.


Ok, do you live in PA by any chance? Here's how it works. There is a premium difference, so that may be a factor in your decision. If you select Full tort (it costs more) that means if you have an accident and someone else is at fault and you are injured you can make a claim for your pain and suffering. If you elect limited tort (it's cheaper) you cannot make a pain and suffering claim. You can only recover for your out of pocket expenses.If you suffer a serious injury that results in a permanent impairment then your limited tort option would not apply. There are some other things that could factor in that would negate the limited tort selection, but that's how that works. If you can afford full tort, you should get it.Source(s):claims person



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