What is the Texas penalty for missing insurance a day while on deferred dispostion?

What is the Texas penalty for missing insurance a day while on deferred dispostion?

I was pulled over for not having insurance last year and the court gave me probation where I only have to prove I maintained auto insurance for 6 months.My insurance goes out at 12:00am tomorrow and I won'-t be able to renew it until the office opens at 10am. Do you think the court will overlook this?


I wouldn't, since I have common sense. Common sense tells me, if my payment is due on the 15th, then get the payment in before the 15th.That said, more common sense makes me ask, "What are the chance the court system will take the time to find out if one person is keeping up with insurance issues?Common sense - try it some time.


It probably will be OK. Your current policy expires today. Your next policy begins tomorrow.Be sure to have a friend or public transportation take you to the insurance agent tomorrow. An uninsured collision before court would be a problem.



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