What is the state minimum liability auto insurance in the state of Texas?

What is the state minimum liability auto insurance in the state of Texas?

I'-d like to know as I'-m almost done paying for my car and to save money am going to drop to the minimum amount of liability coverage required by law and drop collision coverage.Please help.




Texas might report you if you drop the liability(I am opposed to mandatory auto insurance, as are many in the insurance field go to http://www.centspermilenow.org/715oppos.…


What would you do then if you caused an accident? Liability only covers the car you hit. Your car would have to come out of your own pocket along with any injuries. Just curious.





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Forever. If you're asking how long the insurance company will consider you a high risk driver because of an accident, it depends on fault and severity, and 3 years is the norm for minor accidents.

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The owner of the other car would claim his damages through his own insurance company. Then his company would send you a bill for all the money they spent on that claim.

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First idea - DON'T SPAM folks trying to get answers!Pay for your advertisements like Warren Buffett does!Source(s):Independent Insurance agent for 25+ years