What is the point in adding an occasional driver on my auto insurance (Ontario, Canada)?

What is the point in adding an occasional driver on my auto insurance (Ontario, Canada)?

Is there a legal obligation? Is there any impact on the auto rate if that person is young or have been involved in accidents? If the occasional driver gets involved in an accident, will it also be on my record?


the point is to have coverage.2 READ your policy...100 people buy insurance there can be 100 different policys/options writtenDifferent deductibles,,do you want glass coverage..fire/theft? some dont cover after market radios,,,,custom wheels,,,,some only cover people living in your house,,some cover everyone..some cover ONLY listed drivers,,,,so that occasional driver you loan it to kills someone guess who gets sued???YOUSource(s):40 yrs of buying insurance


The "point" is to make sure you are covered if the occasional driver has an accident. Ask your agent to explain who would be covered while driving your vehicle. No one under 25, or unmarried, can drive either of my vehicles.


Is there a law that says you have to? No, there isn't. However every insurer requires that you disclose all licensed drivers in the household as well as regular operators of the vehicle. If you fail to do so, and that person has an accident, then the insurer has grounds to deny any claim filed. This means you (as owner of the vehicle) and/or the driver of the vehicle could be financially responsible for everyone's damages/injuries, which means you could be in debt for the rest of your life. There is an additional premium charged for an occasional driver who is under 25, however an occasional driver over 25 can change your rating as well depending on how long they've been licensed, however the additional premium won't be as much as having an occasional driver under 25.To answer your second question: regardless of whether or not the person driving is a listed driver on your policy, if that person has an accident which is their fault (even partially), then it will affect your rating. The difference between having them listed and not having them listed is by not having them listed you're running the risk of not having the claim paid.Source(s):Ontario broker


if someone else is to drive your car, they must be insured at that timeif it is a one off for a short period of time a Phone call to insurance will sort it out quickly and cheaplyif it is more than that they will have to be an additional named driver, if the additional driver is younger and or involved in accidents, your insurance will be much higherif additional driver is older and has no claims, your policy will be cheaperif any driver has an at fault accident in your car and a claim is made against your insurance, it will be on your record and your insurance will go up



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