What is the number to USAA's ceo or a VP?

What is the number to USAA's ceo or a VP?

Im having a problem with USAA'-s reps and would a like a number to someone HIGH up to settle this ASAP. I spoke with one of the VPs when handling a claim a few months ago and got it solved right away but cannot find his number so i need a VP, CEO or someone high up. Specifically Auto Insurance.


Wow, a bit arrogant, aren't we?Must be nice thinking you're important enough to bother the CEO and/or VP of a company that size.The only reason you had it handled by the VP, is because they're too busy to deal with people like you, so they went ahead and just agreed with whatever you wanted, so you'd leave them alone.If this is the same result that you are looking for, you need to get your priorities straightened out. Maybe the problem you're having with the reps, isn't the rep's fault, but yours. Maybe it's that you want something that they can't do, and that's what they're trying to tell you.....going above them might get it satisfied, but you're still in the wrong.



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