What is the minimum automobile bodily injury liability coverage victims can claim in TN?

What is the minimum automobile bodily injury liability coverage victims can claim in TN?

I am the victim in a collision and the driver at fault has insurance. In TN, all auto insurance policy holders have a minimum bodily injury coverage of claims up to $25,000 per individual and $50,000 per accident. My medical bills are getting very high, so my question is: Can I claim up to the $50,000 limit because I was the only victim, or is my limit $25,000?


The insurance covers up to whatever he has listed, if he has the minimum it should mean you are covered up to 25,000. However, this does not mean that you are incapable of suing for more than this should the accident be their fault, this is just the legally required minimum coverage to cover most situations.The 50,000 limit is for multiple victims in an accident, the 25,000 is per individual as it is written. So if 5 people were in the accident, it still covers only 50,000, and the 5 people would have end up splitting it if it had to be that way.Source(s):I actually paid attention when I got my car insurance, talking to an agent and figuring out what to get myself for liability.


If he has a limit of 25,000, that's the most the insurance company will pay you. The 50,000 limit is for more than one 'victim' ( I hate that word used in conjunction with an accident, they call it an 'accident' for a reason). There is a possibility that the at fault party could have more than the state required minimum.



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