What is the maximum penalty for grand larceny and grand theft auto for a juvenile in VA?

What is the maximum penalty for grand larceny and grand theft auto for a juvenile in VA?

My nephew went and took his mother-in-laws vehicle while visiting his dad in VA. He crashed it into a sign by the base. The mother-in-law said her insurance is having her charge him in order for her claim to go through. Tough luck huh? I cannot find the statutes so if the answer can be given or at least direction. Virginia Beach County. He is 16 years old, does not have a license or permit. First offense and does not have any kind of record. He might also be charged with destruction of government property.


16 years old driving without a license, grand theft auto, destruction of government he is looking at time in Juvenile prison and it will probably be until 18, with a good lawyer he may get off with probation but very unlikely.}{



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